Sunday, July 26, 2015

Akron Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

This week was hard, super hard. I was sick Monday and Tuesday and knew I needed to get all of my miles in this week. As my mileage goes up, I want to make sure I get every single one in. Some were terrible, and some were great but they all got done. 

This week I had five workouts that totaled 32 miles. For July I have 114.1 miles and 690 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

This was my first week doing strides and I'm not a big fan. I would much rather do a track workout. I felt terrible when I was done and my legs took the brunt of it. I guess I just need to try them again. 

Let me tell you about my seven mile tempo run. It sucked. Real bad. The sun was so hot I felt like my skin was melting. I hit my splits but I hated every second of it. Everyone has those days, mine always seem to happen in the middle of summer. 

Pro Compression released a calf sleeve grab bag this week! You can get three random pairs of calf sleeves for $33 with promo code CSGB. Oh, and free shipping! 

Hubby and I had the day off together on Sunday so we went to see the Minion movie. It was super cute and not too long. Plus there was a preview for a movie coming out next summer called The Secret Life of Pets. It looks so funny and I cannot wait to see it! 

Also, make sure you check out running warehouse. They have a ton of stuff on sale right now. You can use promo code FB15D for an additional 15% off sale items. I noticed a lot of Oiselle stuff on sale, and shoes! 

The Liberty Mile is on Friday and I am super excited! I will be doing the One For Fun heat for the fourth time. I love running this race to get to watch the elites run the same course I did. If you are going to be running make sure you say hello! 

I also completed the entire 45 minute Bob Harper kettle bell workout this week with an eight pound bell! This may not seem like a lot for most people, but I'm quite weak and this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. Yes, I felt terrible the next morning, but it was totally worth it. 

I think I covered most of my week! It's gonna be hot out there next week, please be safe. Adjust workouts as needed, stay inside and hydrated! 

What was your mileage like this week? What was your best workout? 


  1. Great job steff! Sometimes just getting it done is good enough, especially when you feel sick. The secret life of pets looks so good!! I really want to see it too (movie double date!?) and great job on the kettle bell workout! I have little chicken arms so that would be tough for me!

  2. I just purchased 2 cute Brooks running tanks from Running Warehouse on Friday - I love that website! Great job on the training this week but sorry you weren't feeling that well :(