Sunday, July 19, 2015

Akron Half Marathon Training: Week Six

This week was about doing what you can when you can. It's such a simple concept, but I think I really learned it this week. Summer finally arrived here in Pittsburgh and I melted on most of my runs. 

I start work early so I can't run in the morning. I end up doing most of my runs between 3-4pm aka the melting point of the day. I really didn't want to spend all week on the treadmill, so I sucked it up and got it done! 

This week I had five workouts that totaled 30 miles. For July I have 82.1 miles and 658 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

My mom came to visit this weekend so we decided to spend the weekend in Erie. I have never been to Erie in the summer so we went to the Lake and the casino. I won a dollar! 

Sunday we hung around and cheered on everyone running the Presque Isle half marathon! It was really gross outside and I was super excited for everyone who participated! 

I also received my Pro Compression grab bag the other day! I was super excited when it came! Since I don't run in marathon socks, I don't have a lot of pairs. I really like to recover in them though, and I couldn't pass up that awesome deal! 

While we were at the race in Erie, there was a tent with a whole bunch of deals! I decided to take a look. I am so glad I did because they had a pair of Wave Rider 17s in my size at 50% off!! I have been panicking for weeks thinking I would have to settle on shoes I really didn't like, but now I can at least make it until the 19s come out! I was so excited! 

I also added some weight to my kettle bell workouts. Holy wow! I did a 20 minutes and the next day I could barely lift my arms! Is it weird that I'm excited to try it again? Who am I? 

I think that's all for the week, folks! I hope you stay smart with your training during the ick that is happening. Remember, use a treadmill if you must, stay hydrated and wear light colors! 

Let's hear it, how hot was your hottest run this week? 


  1. Oh wow, you are my hero for running at at that time of day in this weather! I could not do that. This week was really rough, especially this weekend's heat & humidity. Congrats on your $1 win, lol!

  2. This week was so brutal! Luckily it was nice and cool during the mornings most days, but then it would get so hot during the day. Happy Summer! Love the socks that you got, especially the ones with the cool design :)

  3. Thanks Jenn. Gotta do what you gotta do!

  4. They are super cute! I'm so glad I decided to buy it!

  5. Steff! Thanks for linking up with the blog, chica! I really like using kettlebells; the bad part, for me, is that it doesn't feel too bad while I'm doing it but after...whoa. Great job! I'm so glad that you had a fun weekend; hope your Monday is off to a great start!

  6. I got lucky, because the days I ran weren't so hot, and yesterday I had a long bike ride on my training plan! It's like she knows what the weather is going to be like...

  7. You are officially badass for sucking up the afternoon sweatfest! And I'm happy for you that you found those shoes. Settling on shoes you don't love is terrible!

  8. That sounds pretty awesome! I wish I was that lucky!

  9. Near tears when I had to try on the Wave Rider 18s. I am so excited that I can at least have my favorite shoes for my goal race!