Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brentwood 5K Recap

My running friends have told me I NEEDED to run the Brentwood 5K on July 4th. Well, I actually had the opportunity to do it this year! The course was along the parade route and capped out at 2,500 people. That's a pretty big 5K!

I didn't want to race this 5K, mainly because a good 5K time does nothing for me or my training right now. Look at me, I'm learning! Anyway, I had a solid plan. I wanted to run this race at a 15K pace (7:50-8:00). 

I had Gloria and our friend Allison stay with me Friday night. We woke up early to watch the Beast In The East (WWE) then headed out to the race. Jeff told us parking could get rough so we wanted to get there early. We me Jeff, Chelsea and Lauren in the parking lot and heard some about their Alaska trip. 

Chelsea decided to selfie up my phone...

Gloria, me and Lauren in our Sparkly Soul!

We saw a whole bunch of people head to the start line. I said goodbye to my friends and lined up between the 7:30 and 8:00 pacers. The girl next to me kept puking, others were chatting - I decided to put my headphones in and ignore them all. 

The race started with a cannon. Legit cannon. I almost peed my pants. The course was a mile and a half out and back of rolling hills. I wanted to ease into my pace and try not to go out too fast. I ended up really close to the 7:30 pacer in the early part of the first mile and knew I had to back off. The crowd was really awesome. Tons of people out, but I could have done without their smoking. Mile 1: 7:40. 

Yeah, I was a little fast, but that's the best "to plan" first mile of a race I have had in years. Go me! 

As I was getting closer to the turn around I looked at the leaders coming the other direction. I thought I saw Jen and screamed her name, it totally was and she was doing great. Anyway, I made the turn around and kept trotting along. I saw Chelsea on the other side, then Jeff and Lauren. I never saw Gloria or Allison. Fun fact, I feel fantastic. Mile 2: 7:55. 

HECK YES! I finally hit a split correctly! 

There was a super nice guy out front of his house with a hose and I made sure to run through it. It wasn't very sunny outside, but a little humid. It felt awesome. I could see a bunch of people hitting the wall in front of me. I felt a little bad being so comfortable. As I was getting closer to the end the crowd was really awesome. It was cool to get to be apart of the Brentwood community for the day. Mile 3: 8:00. 

I decided to sprint the final little bit of the race with an older man. I stopped my watch and saw my time of 24:40 and I was really pleased. I felt really good, and for the most part I hit my goal pace. 

The older man who finished with me said to me "I'm going to need to buy me one of those sparkly skirts if it makes you that quick." I wish I had the guts to tell him I wasn't racing. I was rally surprised when I saw how well I did. 

We all met up at the end and headed over to the awards area. They gave out beer and bomb Popsicles! It was the perfect way to end the race! 

Best post race snack EVER!

I ended up finding Jen right before the awards. She ended up finishing third overall! 

Overall awards
Age Group awards
Jen getting her award
She's my favorite!

The rest of us enjoyed the awards and some beer. It was a really great way to enjoy the fourth. I hope to get to do this race again next year. It is a perfect course for me and I know I could do really well. 

My Ohana!

Did you run a Fourth of July race? Is it a yearly tradition for you? 


  1. I love that race! It's so much fun. I haven't done it in a few years but I might have to soon. Great job Steff!

  2. You did fantastically well, Steff; I'm so proud of you for sticking with your plan! That cannon!!! WTH? That is crazy! I'm pretty sure I would've peed in my pants, for real! Good grief! Warn people, you know? HA! I'm so glad you were able to hook up with Jen; what a fun day. Congratulations!!

  3. Great job! There's a local race run on the Sunday after July 4, that I like to run every year. It's so fun! I loved your skirt too!

  4. I really liked it! We will have to do it next year!

  5. Thanks Tara! I love getting to meet up with Jen. She is so much fun!

  6. Thanks! Its a Sparkle Athletics skirt. I have a few of them and they are awesome!

  7. Great job! I ran this race too, although not as fast as you! We seem to be running a lot of the same races, so I'm sure one day we will meet in person!!