Friday, July 10, 2015

Five Things Friday 7.10

Happy Friday!! This week flew by, and I kinda forgot it was Friday. My bad people. I'm also still dealing with a very broken computer so I apologize for the lack of posting. Blogging via cell phone can be rough!

Anyway, we are trucking through summer and I am finding myself enjoying some more non-running thing! I love getting to go out and explore/do different things during summer time. Whether it be a fun day trip or a neat purchase, summer is just such a fun time.

For this weeks Five Things Friday I wanted to share five of my new favorite non running things. You know, life happens outside of running and I'm keeping it real with you guys! 

1. Hell or High Watermelon. Yes, I like beer. I like wine more, but summer beers are my favorite. When I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago, I saw this beer and I really wanted to try it. I finally bought it and I LOVE it! It's a very crisp beer with a after taste of Watermelon. Legit, it's amazing. 

2. Sanuk sandals. I bought my first pair of Sanuk sandals on our honeymoon and I was instantly in love. They are so comfortable. They are made from yoga mat material and last forever. I own two pairs and they are always packed with me. Joe even owns a pair. They are totally worth it. 

3. Popsicles. Normally there is always ice cream in my house, but during the summer I ALWAYS have Popsicle's. They are super refreshing and just make me feel awesome. Sure, we buy the big box and lose a lot of freezer space, but that's a small price to pay for a box of smiles.

4. Venus Razors. Ladies, let's admit it, we have to shave 100xs more in the summer. In winter it's easy to cover up and ignore the problem, but in summer everything is out in the open and needs to be taken care of. At Sam's Club you can buy a huge box of Venus Razors and they are awesome. I know I am very aware of when I have to change my razors out and having them there all the time makes it much easier. 

5. Camelback Chute. I have water bottles with me 24/7 to begin with, but during summertime I make sure I am extra hydrated. I got my Camelback Chute last winter and it is the best water bottle I have ever had. It holds 24oz and it is solid. It goes everywhere with me. I have it at my desk everyday, it is in my car after a run and I use it at home on the couch. I need to invest in a second one I love it so much. 

Get out there and enjoy summer! It's the best time of year. Hopefully you guys love some of these things as much as I do! 

What's your favorite non-running summer product? What do I need to try out? 


  1. I'm in the market for a good pair of sandals so need to check these out. I just bought a camelback chute. I was looking for a small bottle to fit into my purse so got the smallest size. Love it! The spout is amazing! And it doesnt leak at all in my bag. I want to get a bigger one too.

  2. Those are some good likes! I'm loving my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. Seriously. I can't believe it's my first pair ever!

  3. If you like summer beers I highly recommend Son of a Peach.