Friday, July 3, 2015

How I Kick Off Training Season

You know when you get one of those emails that make you drop what you are doing? Well, that's pretty much how I felt getting an email from the awesome people over at the Columbus Marathon! You guys have heard me rant and rave about this race. From their social media interactions, the expo and to the race itself they put on a fantastic event!

I wish I could run Columbus again this year, but it just didn't fit in my calendar this year. That doesn't mean I'm not super jealous of everyone who is running this year! 

The Columbus Marathon asked me to share some of the things I do to kick off training season. These tips can help for any race, since most fall training plans start in a few short weeks! 

1. After I register for a race I make sure to connect on social media. Most races have a hashtag they use to track activity for their race, USE IT! You never know how many people you can meet and support each other through training. It's really cool to know you aren't doing it alone. Plus, when you get to race weekend you can meet up with your new friends and enjoy an awesome city! 

2. I usually have a training plan picked out when I sign up for a race, but I cement everything about two weeks before training starts. I write everything out in a planner around plans already made. I always have my planner with me so if a friend asks if I have plans, I can make adjustments as needed. I also read TONS of recaps from the race from other bloggers, watch course videos and drive the course, if I can. 

3. When I start marathon training, I always start with a fresh pair of shoes. For me, my legs start to feel shoes wear out really early. You want to feel good the first few weeks of marathon training, so start with a new pair. Now I'm not saying to throw away a perfectly good pair of shoes, just rotate them. This would be a great time to head to a local running store and get fitted for you're sole mate. (See what I did there....)

4. I understand that it's July, but remember that summer running makes you a stronger fall runner. You need to mentally be ready for being hot/sweaty/uncomfortable with the weather. I promise, when the temperatures start to drop off in a few months you will be super excited with how hard you pushed yourself during the ick. 

5. I am a firm believer that we are stronger together than separate. If you can find a local running store or running group that does group runs, take advantage! A lot of times these groups will go through parts of the course and have pacers so you can know what to expect. This also goes back to my first point of connecting with people, but it is so true! I noticed such a difference in marathon training when I tried to do it myself compared to putting myself out there in the running community. 

If you are in the Columbus area on July 11, you want to make sure you check out RunFest! It is the official kick off to training. There is tons to check out and get inspired for the big day. 

Two big highlights of RunFest that you don't want to miss: 

Race Director, Darris Blackford, is going to be hosting a mini-discussion at 12:30 pm before RunFest called "Secrets to Succeeding at the Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon." They have 50 $10 coupons to Second Sole to pass out to those who attend and 5 free Second Sole marathon shirts to giveaway! The discussion will be in the mezzanine at the Field House. 

- There will also be a photo booth that will make it look like you are standing at the start line of the race! 

This is an awesome opportunity to make some new friends, learn about the race and just get excited! I'm so excited to follow along on social media to see the event! It should be a great time! 

What do you do to kick off marathon training? Have you ever been to RunFest or something like it? 

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  1. This is awesome, Steff; so glad you were able to share all of this!! Hope you had a great Fourth of July!!