Monday, July 27, 2015

My Five Year Plan

I am that person who is always one step ahead. I love to know where I'm going at what point and the steps needed to get there. This has been pretty clear my entire life. 

I had decided on what college I wanted to go to by October of my senior year. I was engaged at 20, married at 22 and finished my masters degree on my 23rd birthday. There is so much in life that we can't control, that I like to make plans for as much as I can control. 

This year we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. In our first five years we got full time jobs, bought cars, remodeled a house, traveled and adopted a cat. We have done so much already, that I can't help but look forward to the next five. 

The other day we started talking about where we see ourselves in the next five years. Maybe in our current home, maybe not. Hopefully the rest of my student loans will be paid off, I know my car will be. The one thing that I could instantly rattle off was my marathon goals. Yep, not kidding. I actually have marathons planned for at least the next five years! It's great to have goals! 

I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my Five Year Plan with you all. Some of it is running related, some not. Remember, I am a real person who does things other than running, shocking I know! 

Attend Wrestlemania is the first thing on my five year plan. WWE has four big pay per view events every year: Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. We have been to a Royal Rumble, but I am so ready to go to the biggest event of year. I have been a wrestling fan my entire life and I can't wait to experience this with my husband. 

Pay off my student loans might be my biggest goal. I have two left and they have about nine years left on them. I pay off my car in under two years and that payment will go straight to knocking those loans out. If I can have those done in the next five years I am throwing myself a party and you all are invited! 

Get a dog! When we bought a house Joe said I could get a dog. Well, our backyard isn't ready just yet for one. Hopefully within the next five years the backyard will be puppy ready and we will add another four legged friend to our family. 

Explore more of the USA because we live in an incredible country! I have been to really random places in the United States, but I want to see more! We don't even have to go far away! I want to go to Lake Placid and Myrtle Beach and maybe even take Joe to NYC (he has never been). 

Oh yeah, my marathon list. Yes, it is a list, and it has years. Yes, I am that organized. Yes, Joe knows the list and can recite it to you. Maybe not in order, but he knows where we are heading. 

2016: Louisiana Marathon and Akron Marathon.
2017: Rock n Roll Las Vegas (for my Dirty 30).
2018: My first 50K (before I turn 31), and either Marine Corps or Niagara Falls. 
2019: Either Marine Corps or Niagra Falls (whichever one I don't complete the year before). 
2020: Toronto Waterfront Marathon. 

I'm sure I will add more things to my Five Year Plan, but I thought this was a great place to start. It's so weird to me that within my five year plan I will be turning 30! Maybe I will finally stop getting carded within my Five Year Plan! 

What is on your Five Year Plan? Do you plan out big races years ahead of time? 

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