Thursday, July 30, 2015

Run Steff Run Turns Two!

On July 28th, Run Steff Run turned two years old! I sometimes forget what it was like before I had a blog. I can't believe I have kept this little corner of the Internet alive for the past two years! 

In the past few months I have been thinking about my blog and where I see it going. I have debated about purchasing a domain name, changing all of my social media accounts to match my blog and even thought of ways that I can expand. 

Then I thought, my blog isn't all I'm about. I am me! So, all of my social media account will remain the same (sas_rubel on Twitter and Instagram). Sometimes I talk about wrestling, other times I talk about running and sometimes I can talk about nothing in particular. I don't want to feel one sided. I'm still debating about my own domain, but that opportunity will always be there. 

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for stopping by. I love when people I know in real life ask me questions about my blog, mainly because someone is reading! I am so greatful for the connections I have made through blogging, the friends and inspiration is incredible. I know I am nothing special, but you all help me realize I have an awesome support system by my side. 

So what is next for Run Steff Run? Well, I'm going to continue to do me and run! I am going to see where this world of blogging takes me and enjoy the journey. Maybe there will be a URL change at some point. I don't blog for money (trust me) and that isn't in my plans. I want you all to know that I will be honest with my thoughts and that will never change. 

I also want this blog to help connect more people. Along with the Pittsburgh Running Bloggers, I am working on a list of local Pittsburgh races with reviews from real people who have participated! I know I really like reading reviews of races before I sign up, so why not have a bunch of them in one location! 

Again, thanks for taking this journey with me the past two years! Here's to many more! 

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