Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2015 Liberty Mile

I think the Liberty Mile is my favorite Pittsburgh race of the year. Anyone can run one mile, why not do it on a Friday night with a bunch of your friends and watch some of the fastest people in the country. It is such a fun event every year and I look forward to it!

This year I made my goal to run a sub-7 mile. I knew I could do it, but I wasn't sure how much under I could get. It was very warm out, and there is zero air movement through the buildings in town. Luckily, I had a bunch of friends come out and enjoy the evening with!

Our new friend Jason, Allison, Joe, Myself, Chelsea and Kelsey
I did a warm up mile, pretty much running the course backwards, to see if there was a specific place I should aim to stay. Jeff was spectating and said he would be staying on the left hand side. That ended up being a pretty perfect location. We all made our way to the start line and I started making my way to the front.

This year, the One For Fun heat also included the Team Challenge. They had all the Team Challenge participants start in the front, which was super annoying. They were all super fast and just not fair. The One For Fun heat is for people who did not post a sub-6 time at a time trial. It was just for fun!

I was super happy to see Shaun towards the front with some of his friends. They let me hang with them at the start. Alan Webb was the special guest starter of the race and it was really cool to hear him talk. All of a sudden, it was time to go!

I wanted my first quarter mile to be between 1:30 and 1:40. I normally go out WAYYYY too fast at this race (like 1:15) and crash and burn towards the end. This year I was determined to change that. Not too long into the race I saw a lady run in to one of the posts for the bike lane, which was on the right hand side. I'm really happy I decided to stay more towards the left.

First Quarter: 1:37.

I was really happy with my first quarter and wanted to do it again. I kept my stride the same and kept breathing. The half mile mark was on a turn, which always screws me up. I kept hearing the official screaming out times. It was almost done.

Half Mile: 3:05.

When you make the turn out of the half mile mark, you can see the finish line. Trust me, IT SUCKS! You think you can sprint to the finish at that point, but you can't. I actually backed off a little bit in this quarter mile to save some for the last quarter.

Third Quarter: 5:07

I ended up seeing Mark, Kristy and Dee right after the third quarter mile mark. I loved getting to hear some people yelling my name, it was so much fun! Then on almost the exact same spot on the other side of the street I saw Jenn and her husband as well!

Thanks Kristy for the pictures!

Thanks Kristy for the pictures!

Thanks Kristy for the pictures!

As you can see from the pictures, I had some left in the tank. It was time to go. I wanted to finish strong and leave it all out there. I saw my PR (6:30) click by on the clock a head, and I was at peace that I would not PR today. That was not the goal. I was really far a head of my goal time and that was all that mattered. I never saw Jeff, but he did see me!

View from Jeff!

I finished in 6:38 and was very happy with that time. I places 67th overall out of almost 500 participants and fifth in my age group! As I was recovering right outside the finish chute, I hear someone behind me scream YEAH OISELLE! I turn around and it was Christy Cazzola. She was competing in the pro heat and in her last race in a Oiselle kit. I was so excited that she took the time to chat with me as I was dying.

Everyone did really well at the race. Joe and Chelsea finished together, Shaun and Jason did awesome and Kelsey and Allison set PR's! It was a great night all around!

Ashley (my injured bird), Christy and me 

Have you ever done a one mile race? How fast do you think you can do one?

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