Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One Month Til Akron!

The fact that I just typed in "One Month Til Akron" blows my mind. Where did the last 12 weeks go? Also, if you didn't sing the title like the Beastie Boys, I'm pretty sure we can't be friends anymore.

If you would have asked me a week ago if I was ready for this race, I would have told you no. I gave myself a goal that I have never tried before. It was scary/intimidating/exciting all wrapped in to one. The unknown is a very scary place, and the smallest bit of doubt can multiply itself quickly, especially in the summer when most people slow down. 

I have talked about my race month preps before, but it's been awhile and I need to say them out loud to keep myself accountable. It's not always easy, but having some sort of discipline will help in the long run. 

The biggest change I make before a race is cut out soda and alcohol. Now let me start by saying, I don't drink either of these things a lot. Every so often Steff needs some Mountain Dew, truth. As of today, they will both have to wait until after the race. My liquids for the next month will be mostly juice and water. I will have my one cup of coffee a day, but that's all. 

I got my Nuun ready!

I am an early to bed kind of girl, but this will be followed very closely for the next month. I want to feel refreshed in the mornings, not tired. I'll have a strict before 10pm bed time for the next month. This means no late night parties for Steff! I will also be living in compression socks, feet will be up in the air and ice baths will be had. 

My diet will change a little bit, but not much. I am way too much of a picky eater to eliminate some things from my diet, but I will make some adjustments. We won't be eating out. Period, end of story. Mainly because if we go eat out I will be tempted to drink bad for me beverages. Also, I want to be able to control some of my food. I will cut out some of my dairy intake and no baked goods. If you all offer me doughnuts or cupcakes this month, I might lose it! 

Best lunch food for me! Super easy and yummy!

So please don't be offended if I don't text you back in the evening or have to bail on late night plans. I might snap at you if you bring me a cookie, and I might be a tad bit scatterbrained. I'm just really focused and want to achieve this goal so badly! No one else can do this for me, so I have to get it done!

Do you do any special with a few weeks leading up to a big race? 


  1. Good luck. How focused you are shows you really want this and I know you got this!!!

  2. I follow a lot of these things as well! I cut out alcohol as well and try to limit my gluten because it makes me feel bloated and gross. I also stop eating any junk food. After the race I go crazy though to treat myself for finishing, which always makes it worth it! Good luck!!