Sunday, September 13, 2015

Akron Half Marathon Training: Week 14

Do you know how strange it is to me to write week 14 of training? When did July happen? Can I have it back? I just can't believe I have 13 days until this race! 

This week I had five workouts for 35 miles. For September I have ran 73 miles and 924 miles towards my 2015 goal of 1,200 miles. 

The final instructions email came out for Akron today and I should be in corral A! That's a huge weight off my shoulders to know where I will be starting. It's getting so real! 

I think I forgot to mention that I signed up for another 2016 half marathon! I will be tackling the April Fools Half Marathon in Atlantic City! There is a challenge so I will be doing the 7k and half marathon. Hopefully there is some great weather! 

Today was my girl Natalie's baby shower! I'm not a baby person, but I am so excited for Natalie and her hubby! Baby B is one lucky kid! I was extra surprised because Sarah came too!! It was so nice catching up and spending the afternoon together. It filled my heart for sure! 

The cooler temps have finally arrived and I am loving it! Carrie and I had a beautiful long run and even wore long sleeves!! I just hope they stay around for race day! 

There were some big last change BQ races this weekend. I am so inspired by all of your journeys. Such a dedication to training and confidence! Congrats to everyone! Such a huge accomplishment! I have total race envy, I can't wait to get out there in 13 days!

Did you race this weekend? Are you having race envy?


  1. 13 more! The summer sure has flown by. Can't wait to see how all your hard work will pay off. We need to get together for a drink after you (and I..hopefully) crush our goals!!

  2. I ran a half this weekend as part of my marathon training. I had no idea it was going to be so hilly. The map of the route was vague, and the description said the course had rolling hills. Rollling, my ass! This was one of the toughest halfs I've ever done. woo.

  3. You're going to do great, Steff! It's definitely tough to believe that we're in September already...what the hell? You're right about the racing this weekend; lots of tough finishes and I'm always inspired by everyone's efforts. I'd love to be working on a BQ, one of these days! I'm so glad you've been able to enjoy some of the cooler weather; I wish it would stick around for us, but it looks like we'll be back to swampy by the end of the week...have a great Monday!