Thursday, September 24, 2015

Five Things Friday 9.25

IT'S RACE WEEKEND!! I have been looking forward to this weekend for months! We will start our trek to Ohio a little later this afternoon. I am still in shock that it's here! 

Okay, so let's have some fun. This week for Five Things Friday, I wanted to share my five favorite things that come from "most" races! 

1. Favorite Bib: Color Me Rad 2012

Everyone gets a bib when you sign up for a race. The reason why this one is my favorite is because it is still stained from all the colors! I hated this race, but I love the bib!

2. Favorite Participant Shirt: Goofy Challenge 2014. 

The 2014 Disney Marathon weekend shirts are my favorite race participant shirt hands down. It's a Champion long sleeve and it fits me perfectly. Goofy is my favorite Disney character, so duh. Plus, I love that there is a logo for each park you run through going down the sleeve. 

3. Favorite Non-Traditional Finishers Gift: Runners World Hat Trick 2013. 

When you run a race called the Hat Trick, you would expect to get a hat! Fun fact, this hat has never been worn. I have a very small head and it does not tighten enough for me to wear it. I just love the symbolism of the hat. 

4. Favorite Race Photo: Liberty Mile 2014.

I need to give so much credit to Kelsey. She took the most perfect running photo! My stride looks great, my style is fly and I don't look like death! I'm obsessed with this picture! 

5. Favorite Finishers Medal: Pittsburgh Marathon 2013. 

You never forget your first time. This medal is so thick and heavy that I had to take it off because it was weighing me down! This medal symbolizes the fear of the unknown and the drive and dedication I have. In my opinion, it's the best Pittsburgh Marathon medal design and I'm so proud to have earned it! 

I'll catch back up with you all on Monday! I have my Twitter set up to post random splits from the race. If you are running the Great Race, make sure you look for me! Thank you all again for taking this journey with me!

What is your favorite piece you have from a race? Do you keep your bibs? 


  1. One of my favorite bibs is from the Tough Mudder because of the remnants of mud on it! Do you keep all your bibs, like me? :)

  2. I have all my medals and bibs on a holder that is over-flowing! Guess it's time to shop for a second holder :)

    If you defined "favorite" by "shirt I wear the most", it would probably be my Hot Chocolate zip-up from Columbus haha. I wear that sweatshirt all the time! But my favorite memento from a race is my Mayor's Midnight Sun half marathon medal. After such a miserable first half experience in Pittsburgh, it was nice to kick butt in Anchorage and take goofy pictures with Chelsea the whole way! And it has a BEAR on it, so there's that. And it was the last Mayor's Midnight Sun race (they changed the name to the Anchorage Marathon beginning in 2016)

  3. I do keep all my bibs! I love my big stack and I keep them safety pinned together, like a book. My enormous plate sized medal from the Little Rock Marathon is my favorite medal. It's so big but I had to fight really hard for that medal!