Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Don't Wanna Let You Go

I am a few days post Akron. I thought by now I would have more of a settling feeling about the race and how it turned out. Well, I don't. Luckily I have an awesome support system and we came up with a great idea. 

Let's rewind back to last Saturday in Akron. As in sitting in the bleachers texting Tara and Cecilia crying uncontrollably, Mark sent me a great tweet. 

I talked to Joe and he agreed. I needed to at least give it another shot. I signed up for the Buffalo Creek half marathon on October 17. This means I am not only starting marathon training, I will be racing five out of seven weeks ending with Wine and Dine. 

Buffalo Creek was originally on my race calendar for this year, but I thought I would have hit my goal and could focus on marathon training by then. I just can't move past it yet. I can't let it go. 

The main reason why I made the decision is because the course is very similar to Decker's Creek and everyone seems to do well. I did really well at Decker's even though I was having calf issues. 

Even better thing about this race is that Carrie is going to run it with me! She has done the race before and is pretty awesome at keeping me correct on pace. It's always better knowing you don't have to do it alone. 

I'm starting running today. I'm also racing on Sunday. I'm feeling pretty good in my legs, and I'm finally getting my appetite back. As of right now, I hope to have a 30 mile week next week. I want a solid week of training. I would also like to consider it my first week of marathon training. 

I promised Joe if I don't hit my goal this time, I won't be upset. I just REALLY need to try again. There will not be ugly tears. I will be proud of myself no matter what. If I don't hit my goal, I will finally celebrate my Akron PR. I even have an authentic Akron Marathon Michelob Ultra waiting in the fridge. 

Have you ever ran a redemption race? How did it go? Was it worth it? 

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  1. Well, sort of...I got rerouted from the course of my first full marathon and only ended up running about 21 miles due to dangerous weather; after the angry and sad wore off, I registered for the race that I ran last December (the same one I'll do this year) and I thought of it as my redemption race but it was several months after the first attempt. It was fantastic!! You're going to feel better after this one, Steff, as long as things go well on race just never know what the day will bring, but I know you've got it in you, girl!