Tuesday, October 13, 2015

EnduroPacks MicroNutrient System Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jason at EnduroPacks to see if I was interested in reviewing the MicroNutrient System. I have heard so much about EnduroPacks and I was excited to give it a shot!

EnduroPacks is a four step system that helps athletes maximize their training by providing daily essential nutrients needed to succeed. Not only did they figure out the best vitamins and minerals needed to make this happen, they found the most effective and convenient ways to make it happen! The kit is portioned out for a 30-day supply.  I kept the card that came with the kit handy so I made sure I did it correctly every day!

Step 1: EnduroMulti - It is a multi-vitamin for immune system health. I took it in the morning with my first half of my breakfast. It is a berry flavor and I had no problem getting it down. I am that crazy person at work that screams when someone doesn't stay home when they are sick. Adding this to my morning routine put my mind at ease and I did not catch anything crazy! Score one for me!

Step 2: Electrolyte Spray: This spray is used during your workout. Spray about 10 spritzes in your water during your workout to replace the minerals lost during your workout. The spray is a berry flavor as well. I am not a big fan of flavors while I run, so I used it as soon as I was done. Surprisingly, my husband was a huge fan of the spray, so I happily let him add it to his regime.

Step 3: Amino Acid Patch: Once I finished my workout I would apply an Amino Acid patch to help with muscle recovery. The patch stayed on for about four hours and I applied it to my stomach, just in case I had something else to do once I was done. 

Step 4: EnduroGlutamine Pills: These L-Glutamine pills are used to reduce soreness after workouts. After some rough tempo runs, these suckers were a life saver! I take two before I go to bed and cannot tell you the incredible night sleeps I have been having! You all know the different type of pains you get during a hard training, these pills helped my legs feel great so I could relax.

Now even though you can purchase these products separate, they are most effective together. Athletes have raved about this product, and I can see why. With a racing schedule that included five races in seven weeks in three states, I needed to be able to stay at the top of my game. Besides the usual post race pains, I was ready to run again much quicker then I thought I could have, and at the intensity I expected. 

Now that you have my honest opinion about EnduroPacks MicroNutrient System, I want you all to give it a shot! You can use promo code SASRUBEL to take 20% off your first order! We are getting to cold and flu season, make sure you are on top of things and your training does not take a back seat! I am really thinking of adding those Glutamine pills to my every day routine!

Disclaimer: I was provided the EnduroPacks MicroNutrient System in exchange for this review. All of the opinions are my own. 

How do you recover during training? Have you tried EnduroPacks before? 

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  1. Steff, this sounds great! I know someone else who uses these products and I just can't remember who it is; I remember thinking they sounded really good and they still do. Thanks so much for sharing the discount code; may have to check this out!