Tuesday, October 27, 2015

EQT 10 Miler Relay Recap

There were many factors going into this race. It actually goes back a few months when Kristy suggested doing the EQT 10 miler relay since they were offering one this year. I am not a fan of 10 milers and I knew I would be either recovering from a race or getting ready for another one, the relay seemed like a great option.

I haven't ran in a week, besides three easy miles on Saturday. I was still feeling that half marathon. I knew Kristy wasn't feeling 100% but we wanted to give it our best shot.

The night before the race I got everything together. The weather has been cool, but not cold so I had the perfect outfit picked out. 

Sunday morning I woke up and thought the alarm said 8am instead of 6am. I panicked and shot out of bed. Carrie texted me and said it was in the upper 50s! Well, guess I'm wearing something else! My legs still don't feel great, so I keep massaging them and stretch. I only have to run 4.5 miles. I can do this. 

Carrie and I made it downtown before the roads closed at 7am. We hung out inside, used some real bathrooms and met up with Kelsey and Charles for a little. Suddenly it was time to get ready. 

The EQT 10 Miler is pretty much the first ten miles of the Pittsburgh Marathon course backwards. I hate the Pittsburgh Marathon course so I wasn't hopeful for how this was going to go. I also have been dealing with some allergy issues and was having a lot of trouble breathing. 

We lined up really close to the 7:30 pacer. Thought this might be a good idea. WRONG! 

Anyway, the race started in Station Square. You run uphill the first mile to the West End. My watch was pretty on distance wise, so I was thrilled. The second mile was a little downgrade before we went STRAIGHT UP a hill. This is where the 7:30 pacer passed me and I was instantly thrilled that I was not running ten miles today. Every part of my left leg tightened. 

The two mile marker was in the middle of the West End Bridge. There was a nice downhill on the ramp heading down the road. It was flat here, which was nice and I settled into a 8:10 pace. Yes, I wanted to try to stay with the 7:30 pacer and within two miles I have changed my race strategy completely. 

Right before the three mile marker we went back up hill to the North Side. I had run this area before with Chelsea and I know the hill just keeps going. My allergies are messing with my eyes at this point, I'm sweating so bad that when i was passed by a lady racing in just a sports bra and shorts I thought it was the best idea ever. I reached the 5k mark just under 25 minutes. 

Oh man, this sucks.

Fear not my friends, it gets better. 

Probably about mile 3.5 I hear another pace team coming. It's the 8:00/mile team. The guy leading the pace team is dressed in a pink bunny costume. THERE IS NO WAY I AM GETTING PASSED BY A ^|%~*+~*\€ PINK BUNNY! Eventually, the bunny did pass me. I would like to believe he did not race a half marathon the week before. Damnit. 

There are signs for the relay saying the exchange is coming up and stay to the right. The four mile mark was at the exact same spot at the one mile marker of the Pittsburgh Marathon 5k. I saw the clock said 33:xx. I was a little defeated because I wanted to run my leg in about that time and still had a half mile left. Girl get over it! You are moving forward and right now that is all that matters. 

I know there is a little hill coming up but only a half mile left until I can stop. I am miserable. Legit miserable. I kinda wished I overslept and didn't make this stupid decision to race.

The relay exchange was right out of a turn, which seemed odd to me. Kristy is waving me in. She gave me my medal and she was off. Everything hurt. Bad. I finished in 36:58. 

I had a little walk to the finish line to meet up with her and Carrie, so I met up with some of the Oiselle VolĂ©e girls who were cheering a little after mile five. It was nice to see them! 

I got down to the final stretch of the race and was again thankfully I only did the relay. I saw Kristy come down the road and I screamed so hard for her! She was doing great! Carrie wasn't too far behind her. We finished in 1:17 which was good enough for fourth! 

I was shocked to see my 8:02 pace. Very shocked. After talking to Kristy we both agreed we still had no interest in doing the full race. Maybe switch the legs of the  relay next time, we'll see. I came home with a 4.5 mile PR and finished four races in five weeks. 

Would I have liked this race better if it wasn't the week after a half maratho. PR? Probably not. I don't like the Pittsburgh Marathon course at all and have no interest in doing more runs on it. Sorry people, keeping it real here. Maybe we'll do the relay in the future, but I think next year I will lead the cheer section again. 


  1. I'm sorry you had a crappy race - but not so secretly I am glad that someone else hated that race as much as I did! I don't think I'll run it again. Cheer, definitely. Great times though, you guys kicked ass!

    1. Thanks. It made me so happy that I decided against running Pittsburgh next year!

  2. Sounds like an absolutely miserable race for you :( Sorry to hear that! Luckily my day went a lot better (but then again I didn't PR in the half TWICE IN ONE MONTH like you..). I agree that it was a lot warmer than I expected and I was also jealous of those who dressed in tanks and short sleeves. You might have gotten beat by a bunny (who I heard hopped across the finish line) but I'm pretty sure two guys who were drinking beer the entire race beat me. So there's that :)

    p.s. did you just buy your own domain?! So exciting!!!

    1. Man, I should have just been drinking the whole race! I'm sure I would have enjoyed it a lot more!

      And yes! I am internet official now!!

  3. You went out there and you did it. Sometimes the purpose of a race is to just have fun. :)

    1. I need to remember this sometimes. I had much more fun before and after the race itself!

  4. Ha ha on getting passed by the bunny! Well, for not loving the race, you did great! I love that you two came in fourth. Congrats!