Thursday, October 1, 2015

Five Things Friday 10.2

Okay guys, has this week been testing anyone else? Work is on my last nerve and with still not feeling well earlier this week, it's been rough! 

October is here! We have gotten a lot of rain here this week and the temps are dropping! It's long sleeve weather finally! 

Also, congrats to everyone who was accepted to the Boston Marathon! I love hearing people's stories about qualifying! Maybe when I qualify in 20 years I can share my story as well! 

I have another random Five Things Friday for you all! 

1. I treated myself to a six pack of beer this week. I am much more of a wine drinker, but I love this beer! It's made by Rivertowne and it's called Babbling Blonde. It's pretty great!

2. Gigi's Cupcakes opened in McCandless Crossings. I had to go. Holy delish! Totally worth it! I loved the cookies and cream cheesecake!

3. With the addition of Buffalo Creek to my race calendar, I realized I will qualify for Half Fanatics. I would be on the very first level, but I will qualify! 

4. Pro Compression released their sick of the month! All of their pink socks are on sale this month. Use promo code PINK for your 40% off and free US shipping!

5. I finally made a decision on my spring 2016 race. I will be taking this show on the road to Cincinatti to run Flying Pig. I will be running the 3 Way, which includes the 5k, 10k and half. I am excited for the new adventure! 

Stay dry and safe out there people. The hurricane is coming! Hope you all are enjoying your flannel, PSL and boots! 


  1. I've heard great things about the Flying Pig race. I'm sure you will have tons of fun!

  2. I've decided that I'm going to stay home in Pittsburgh -- and NOT RUN. I'll be joining the mimosa group on the north side to cheer on the runners. :)

    Also, what are the benefits of that Half Fanatics group? (I think I qualify for the lowest level too.)

  3. Oh, my gosh, Steff! Yesterday was Jonathan's birthday so I stopped at Gigi's Cupcakes on my way home to get him a treat; I'm so glad you have one of these now! Their cupcakes are really good, I think, and the customer service has always been great. Flying Pig!! YAY! That's going to be fun, Steff! Hope you have a great weekend!