Friday, October 9, 2015

Five Things Friday 10.9

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we have going on! I loved running through all the fall colors yesterday! 

A simple five things Friday this week. Just give you a little life catchup. Tons of stuff happened this week! 

1. I got a new position at work!! I now work a straight 5am-2pm Monday-Friday shift and I'm a department of one. It's been amazing so far. I also activated the pedometer in my phone and I walk, on average, six miles a day during my shift. My marathon training is really going to like this schedule. 

2. If you are a wrestling fan and you don't watch NXT, you need to. Wednesday was NXT Takeover: Respect, and they did something amazing. They let the ladies headline the event in a 30 minute Ironwoman match. These ladies brought the house down. As a strong supporter of women's equality in sports, this was so awesome. They deserved it! 

3. I have been debating for weeks if I would dress in costume for Wine and Dine. I decided yesterday that I am going to! I am going hunting for a top after work today, just to make sure I can find one! 

4. I tried on the Mizuno Wave Rider 19s this week. They are fab! I wasn't the biggest fan of the 18s, but these are completely different. They feel squishy on the inside! It's really cool and they don't feel as clunky as the 18s. They will be added the next time I need shoes. 

5. Pro Compression is having a random weekend sale! Save 50% off royal blue products and lifestyles! Use promo code RB for the discount!

There it is folks! Starting your weekend off right! Enjoy it!


  1. Congratulations on the new position! Does this mean you're only working 1 job (plus part-time) now? That's great! Have a great weekend :)