Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Breaking A Running Funk

Hi there friends of Run Steff Run! I'm Cecilia and I'm the blogger behind MommiesRun. I'm super
excited to be hanging out with y'all while Steff is Wining and Dining (I can't believe she didn't take
us with her)!

Earlier this year I had some issues with running, namely, I was in a funk. My paces were slower
than normal, I couldn't find a rhythm, and I just plain wasn't having any fun. This was all
unfortunate considering I'm a run streaker! Luckily I was able to get myself out of it, and now I'm
here to share with you some tips for getting yourself out of a run funk if one should strike.


I had gotten to a point in my running where I was not listening to music when I ran, but I found that
creating a killer playlist really made my running funk dissipate. I couldn't wait to hear what song
came on next, and certain songs would really make me smile. Ditch the notion that runners
shouldn't listen to music, and find some songs that make you happy!

Or Unplug:

If you normally listen to music when you run, leave the tunes at home. Sometimes concentrating
on the sounds of your breathing or the nature around you is enough to snap a funk.

Train For A Race:

I had gotten so used to just running without any goals that I was bored. As soon as I started
actually training, my funk lifted. I love having a schedule and changing up my workouts. I now find
speed work and hill repeats exciting!

Volunteer At A Race:

Seeing other runners PR or achieve goals is a great motivator. There's something so uplifting
about seeing someone cross the finish line of a race they have trained for, and it truly will make
you want to do it yourself!

Shop Til You Drop (that funk):

New running gear is forever my biggest motivator. I definitely used Oiselle as a way to get myself
out of my funk and I have no regrets. I told myself that if I hit a certain mileage, I could order one
new top, and it totally worked!

Skip the Garmin:

I know I said to train for a race earlier, but at least once a week, leave the watch at home and run
simply because you love to run. I found doing this freed my mind and reminded me why I love

Ask For Help:

I really failed at this one, so I'm here to make sure you don't make the same mistake. You don't
need to weather your running funk alone. Ask your friends to join you for a run to get your mind off
of whatever is bugging you. I guarantee they will be happy to help!

I hope you never have a reason to use these tips, but if you do find yourself in a run funk,
hopefully these will help! Thank you Steff for letting me take over your blog!


  1. YAY!!! Love this post, C! I was actually totally shocked to see your face on Steff's blog; my short-term memory problems seem to be getting worse - #thisis40 - as I'd forgotten that this would post this week - ha! Imagine my shock when I see my own post later this week - hahaha! You are my sunshine; hope you're never in a funk again! STEFF!!! Hope you are having a BLAST!! I know you are...

  2. Well, hey Cecelia! I just never know where I'll find you. Great tips on keeping it fresh.

  3. Great tips, when I was in my funk I went to the music and talked to my old running coach, he pointed out everything I already knew about myself but seemed to forgot. It was a confidence booster and it really helped get me out of the funk