Friday, November 20, 2015

Five Things Friday 11.20

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a crazy week here for us between getting back in the work groove from vacation, doing a long overdue home improvement project and starting marathon training! Yeah, we have been moving!

Plus, the December Run Challenge is back! If you are interested in signing up you can do that here. I look forward to running with all of you!

So here are a few things to help you through your Friday. Pretty random selection of things today, since that has been my life this week.

1. Sparkly Soul is having a big sale! You can get five random headbands for $30!! If you are in a secret santa, or want to get your favorite gal something great this holiday season you need to get in on this!

2. Yesterday marked one year since I was diagnosed with my stress fracture. I am shocked with how well I have recovered from my injury. Does it still bother me, yeah. Will it always, probably. I am smart about it now. If it's a little cranky, I rest/ice/elevate and take it easy. I really think everything happens for a reason, and I was meant to have this happen to teach me to listen to my body more. I have been injury free since I got out of the boot!

3. Have you guys seen the video of the puppy born without front legs? His name is Tumbles and the video will make yours day! Here it is, you're welcome.

4. I have started my Christmas shopping! Actually, I have one thing in my possession and two more are on the way! I always like to be done before Black Friday, and I should be this year. Its a fabulous feeling!

5. I worked some high school volleyball on Tuesday night at one of my Alma Maters, Slippery Rock University. I have my masters degree from there and don't get to go visit very often. The funny thing about this is I was already planning to go down to my undergrad Alma Mater, California University of Pa, this weekend. Both schools in one week! Plus a National Championship banner raising and some good friends. It should be a great weekend!

Remember folks, why everyone is going crazy shopping next week, be kind to the retail workers. Sometimes it is hard to remember this, but they have to be at work at ungodly hours (I start at 2am) and give up time with their families for this. It's not all about things.

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  1. Eek..stinks that you have to work black friday. I worked at Marshalls in high school and I always worked. Thankfully, we don't do sales so we had regular hours and it wasn't too crazy. We got a lot more people, but they were all friendly. I stay HOME on black Friday but when I go to the store during the holiday season I make sure I'm extra cheery to make up for all the jerks in the world :)