Friday, November 6, 2015

Five Things Friday 11.6

Hi peeps! I'm coming to you live from Orlando!! I have a quick Five Things Friday for you while I have some time! 

1. I have some guest bloggers for you guys next week! I know you will love what they have to say! 

2. Traveling to Orlando at night was the best. Our flight was a half hour early landing, and we were at our hotel less than an hour later! This is a new normal for us now. 

3. If you are down here and think you see me PLEASE say hello! I'm legit so excited to meet so many people! Just yell Steff and I will probably hear you!

4. It's hot and really humid down here. I'm not sure how the race is going to go. The plan is to aim for a 1:54. This is based on the McMillian calculator for what a half marathon should be for a 3:59:59 marathon. See, there is a method. If it's too gross out, of course I will adjust. I do have tracking set up on Twitter and will post my recap after vacation!

5. I overheard some really odd running conversations in the terminal and on the plane. I think it might have to be a blog conversation. It really struck a nerve with me and I may have had a slight meltdown to an airport worker lol. 

That's all you get guys! Make sure you keep stopping by next week for two awesome guest posts! I'll see you after half number 12!!!


  1. Good luck to both you and Joe in the race! I hope you guys have a blast in Florida, and I'm really intrigued by the conversation..I need to hear more!

  2. I'm so excited about your race, Steff! That weather sucks, but it could change by the time race day rolls around; I'll be watching for you on IG and Twitter and HAVE FUN OUT THERE!!!