Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gobbler's Gallop 10K Recap

A few weeks ago Kristy had asked me about running a Turkey Trot. This was during my crazy race schedule and I could not commit. Joe asked me about running one earlier in the week and that's how this started. He wanted to do a 5K and I decided on the 10K.

The Gobbler's Gallop takes place at Riverside Middle School up in Ellwood City. It took us about 45 minutes to get there and packet pickup was super simple. We ran into Caitlin and her husband Joe plus Megan, a friend of hers that she was trying to pace to a 10K PR. Then met up with Kristy and a bunch of other twitter folks. Everything went so quickly and suddenly it was time to go to the start line. 

The race director told us that we were going to make a big loop and end on the track. If we made a right turn we were going the wrong way. Simple instructions. He also said a tree was down in the second half of the course but we were fine to run under it. Got it. I wished everyone good luck since I knew I would be finishing far behind them, or at least that was the plan. I was aiming for about 50 minutes.

The first mile was pretty flat, or at least it felt that way. I kept Caitlin and Megan in my sights for at least the first mile. They were aiming for a sub-47, which would have been a new PR for me as well, but I knew I didn't have that in me right now. There was a man located at each mile yelling out overall time. My watch was actually on and I was shocked. Mile 1: 7:29.

Mile two started with a left turn, correct, and a slight downhill. Then we went up. Oh my did we go up. We drove this hill on the way in but it didn't seem this bad. I was happy I slowed down. After the hill, there was another left turn, some cows and another man yelling out time. Watch was still on, mile 2: 8:10.

Another left turn and a HUGE downhill. Cue baby deer flailing. Oh man that downhill was harder for me than the uphill. I end up getting passed by two women and a man with his daughter. They are keeping about an eight minute pace so I decide to stay with them for a little bit. There was another man standing near a water stop, he was the mile marker, and I'm still on! Mile 3: 7:49. 5K split: 24:20.

The roads are not blocked off, and in mile four there was a lot of running on the side of the road to not get hit. The five of us are running together. We went slightly up again to find ANOTHER left turn, but a sign that says no outlet. Where are we going? It turns out, we were running a mile on a trail. SWEET! It was a little muddy and torn up, but must have been a shock to the others too. I passed the first woman, then went under the fallen tree at the 4.5 mile mark. Right before the end of the trail, I passed the second woman. Found the mile marker man and I'm still with the father/daughter combo. Mile 4: 7:52.

I'm feeling great. Like really good and regretting that I didn't run the 5K to try to PR. I looked up ahead of me and see Megan. Caitlin is not near her and I should not have caught up to her. I was worried something was wrong. I passed the father/daughter, took one last swig of my water because I was ready to hand my bottle to her if she needed it. It took me the whole mile to catch up to her, and I still was a little away. Mile 5: 7:59.

We made the final left turn on the road and I was gaining on Megan. My legs felt really good so I turned it up a little. When I finally caught up to her I asked if she was alright and she hesitated to say yes. I passed her and kept going. I felt terrible, I know how it feels to not have the race you want, but I still needed to finish my race strong. Mile 6: 7:38.

Leaving the road and turning to the finish were the only spectators of the race, which was fine. I saw Joe and he asked which piece of warm clothing I wanted and I'm screaming SWEATPANTS! I'm sure people were laughing at me. Anyway. Got on the track and sprinted. Crossed the finish line and still felt fantastic. Like really good! I finished in 48:34, which is the closest I have ever come to my 10K PR from 2012 (47:45).

I think the most impressive part of my race was that I almost ran even splits for 5K. I really did feel great the entire time, and my average pace (7:50) was the same as my half marathon PR. I placed 40th overall out of 100, 12th female and 3rd in my age group. Yes, I finally got an age group award after missing by so little the past few races! It was also my 21st and final race of 2015. I would say it ended on a great note!

L to R: Kristy, Me, Megan and Caitlin

L to R: Joe, Me, Kristy, Megan, Caitlin, Joe and Dee.

This race was awesome. Really awesome. It was $18 and supported the school's cross country team. It was such a fun morning with good friends. Since 10K is my favorite race distance, I look forward to doing it again in 2016!

Long sleeve cotton shirt and my third place age group award!
Did you run a Turkey Trot? How did you do? 


  1. I thought about this one, since I am so close to Ellwood, I will definitely put it on my list for 2016!

  2. I thought about this one, since I am so close to Ellwood, I will definitely put it on my list for 2016!

  3. Yay, I'm glad that you liked it. I forgot about the hills, so as I was running up them, I was hoping you weren't cursing me, LMAO! I plan to run it again next too, $18 is a steal! Congrats again on an awesome race.

  4. This explains why I didn't know anyone at the turkey trot this year. You were all running a different race... I feel left out :(