Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wine and Dine Half of a Half Marathon Recap

Yes, the title is correct. I will get to that in a little bit. Let's start with the basics.

Joe and I got to Disney on Thursday night. We hit the expo first thing in the morning at Wide World Of Sports. 

When I picked up my bib I asked about moving up corrals. The volunteers said I should check at runners services. I got my coast to coast wristband and got in line. While I was waiting Joe got in line for merch. It was crazy. 

After an incredibly rude Run Disney employee told me I couldn't move up, even though I had a posted time more than five minutes better than the cut off, I met up with Joe in the crazy then met Nathan. We headed over to the actual expo. Again, it was crazy. 

On Saturday the weather got pretty nasty. The humidity was out of control and you knew it was going to storm. I had made the decision to not run in the skirt of my costume, just the top.

We got on the first bus leaving our resort around 6:45. It took almost a half hour to drive about five miles. Traffic was a nightmare and I had to pee REALLY bad! Me and Joe met up with Nathan and then we noticed it, the crazy lightening in the distance. No bolts or rain, just light up the sky lightening. 

Joe me and Nathan waiting

We met up with Aimee and Patrick along with some of my Oiselle teammates. Still, we were kinda worried. 

Me and Joe
Aimee, Nathan, Patrick and I. Some of my running Ohana
Some of the Oiselle team!! 

Joe left to go to his corral and me and Tiffany (Oiselle picture in the pink top) decided to keep chatting and got in line for the bathrooms. We were just waiting when all of a sudden we see waves of people getting out of line. We thought they just gave up and were heading to the starting corrals. Turns out we were being evacuated to the WWOS complex because of storms. 

Thankfully, we decided to stay together. Joe had made it safely to another building and we found him along with Patrick, Nathan and Aimee. So, here we are. 13,000 or so people sitting at 10pm inside the WWOS complex. No one is telling us anything. Twitter knows more than we do (thank you Kelsey) and we are just watching the time click by. About an hour had passed and we got huddled back outside. Still, no one has made an announcement. At this point I tell everyone I would see them in Epcot and I leave. 

I walked over to where I should have and we all are just standing around. I decided to jump on Twitter. Thank goodness I kept my phone. Turns out, Run Disney had tweeted that the race would be shortened and would start around 10:45. THANKS FOR TELLING US! Everyone around me was very grateful that I had my phone. Then the mad dash to the corrals happened. I found a man who squeezed me through some bushes to get to my corral. 

I lined up next to the 1:50 pacer just to try to get some information. They still have not announced what we were running. I am legit pissed at this point. Three minutes before the start the announcer says the course has been shortened by six mile. People in my corral were cheering. I was even more pissed. I thought maybe I could race a 10k, but I wasn't sure if it was actually a 10k distance. I didn't have enough time to think about it, so I just shot out of the start. 

Once I passed a bunch of walkers who started ahead of me (and I couldn't move up to corral A) I was all alone. I don't know where I'm going! It's dark and no one is in front of me. I saw a character stop and decided that this was the route I was taking. Not racing and taking tons of picture. It was also very humid and I wanted to enjoy the after party. So, please enjoy the next four miles or so in pictures. 

The only correct mile marker.

So right after the lights picture was taken this INCREDIBLY rude man ran right up next to me and said "Try not to stop in a stupid place next time." This man really made me angry so I trotted up next to him and politely asked if he wanted to race and I left him in my dust. Fun fact, you were not in my league dude, don't be rude. 

Anyway. After leaving Hollywood Studios we ran on the Boardwalk and all the drunks which was hilarious. I turned into Epcot and knew it was almost over. I heard the PA announcer and knew I had one more picture to get.

Yep, that happened. 

The official distance was 6.7 miles, which I covered in a little over 1:02. With all the stops I made, it really wasn't that bad. It wasn't the race I wanted at all, but you can't control nature. I did finish the distance while I was down in Florida so I felt like I actually earned the medal. 

Was the race fun, sure. It was not handled well at all. I understand the need to keep people safe, but you should inform the people that paid $200 for the race on what is going on before social media. I should not have found out about everything from people states away. I did still get my coast to coast medal, and the after party was fun. Still, everything was kind of a mess and I expected much more from a Run Disney event. 

Have you ever had a race shortened due to weather? How did your goals change?


  1. Oh boy! That's really odd that they didn't tell you guys anything while you were waiting - that would have really pissed me off too! I laughed out loud when I read that you asked the rude guy if he wanted to race and then you flew by him - LOL. I've never done a Run Disney race, but isn't the whole point to stop and take really cool photos?!

  2. This is just crazy, Steff; I'm really shocked that they didn't have a better plan in place to handle a situation like this. I would've been very unhappy with the lack of communication and that herd situation where y'all had to wait...what?!! I feel anxious just thinking about it! I'm glad you & Joe had fun, otherwise!! Loved seeing your pics over the past few days!

  3. LMAO at the rude guy interaction. I wish I could have been there to see his face. I'm sorry that everything was handled so crappily, but good for you for turning a bad situation into something fun!

  4. Damn that sucks they didn't communicate with the runners. I would be pissed if paid 200 dollars and didn't know what was going on, but at least you still had fun and earned your medals

  5. yuck. what a hot mess. so sorry about all the drama but you had a great attitude about it.