Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Run Challenge: Week One Flash Challenge

You guys have been crushing it so far this December! People are still signing up for the December Run Challenge and I love seeing you all get out there! For a little extra fun, how about our first flash challenge!

Here is how the flash challenge works. I will post randomly every week a social flash challenge. You play along by doing what it asks! You have until Sunday at midnight eastern to complete the flash challenge. If you complete the flash challenge, you get an extra entry to this weeks prizes!

Okay, here is the week one December Run Challenge flash challenge!

I want to see your favorite flat runner outfit. Accessories and all! In your dream weather conditions. Pretty much, your favorite running outfit. You can enter this weeks flash challenge on Twitter or Instagram. Here are the rules:

1. Follow RaceDots (racedots) and Sparkly Soul (sparklysoulinc) on the social media platform you are submitting.
2. Follow me (sas_rubel) as well.
3. Tag your photo with #DecemberRunChallenge

Here is an example. If I was entering, this would be mine and what I would write.

Flat Steff in all her glory! This is one of my favorite race outfits! Thanks @racedots and @sparklysoulinc for this weeks #DecemberRunChallenge prizes!

That's it! Super easy! I am so excited to see all of your entries! Keep it up, we have a long way to go!


  1. I didn't know you were hosting this challenge, but what a fun idea!

  2. Hopefully I'll remember to do this when I get home! Great idea :)

  3. I love your flat Steff. You have the cutest running clothes!