Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Run Challenge: Week One

Welcome to the December Run Challenge! If you are new, or forgot how this works, let’s do a quick recap.

The December Run Challenge is not a run streak, it is a way to motivate you and each other through the busiest time of the year. You set your own goal, but we will help you get there! Make sure you tag your workouts on social media with #DecemberRunChallenge so we can all support each other!

Each week starts on Monday. You report back your miles every Sunday by midnight eastern time. Each person that submits mileage is entered for that weeks prize! There are also flash challenges throughout the week so stay tuned throughout the month.

The link to submit your weekly mileage will be emailed out to the email address you submitted and posted to the December Run Challenge tab at the top of the page. If you still need to sign up, you can do so in the December Run Challenge tab at the top of the page!

Alright, got it? Good! Let’s get started!

This week is brought to you by two of my favorite things: RaceDots and Sparkly Soul.

RaceDots are a simple, colorful and non-destructive alternative to safety pins. RaceDots are very strong magnets that lock together to hold race numbers in place and will not hurt your expensive running clothes!

They are super easy to use, here, I’ll show you.

Step One: Line up your bib on your race day shirt.

Step Two: Take the back of the RaceDot and place it on the inside of your shirt lined up with the hole on your bib.

Step Three: Take the colorful part of the RaceDot and attach it on top of your shirt.

Step Four: Repeat for as many as you like! I always put all four on, but some people like only two.

Sparkly Soul is my go to headband. Sparkly Soul headbands are 360 degrees of sparkle, no piece of black elastic in the back. 

They fit comfortably and will not cause a headache from being too tight. I have worn a Sparkly Soul headband for all of my marathons, and it is a wonderful thing to not have to worry about my hair during a race! I actually wear a Sparkly Soul headband almost everyday!

I have A LOT of Sparkly Soul headbands....

There are two different sizes of Sparkly Soul headbands, wide and thin. There are also Sparkly and Satin headbands. I usually wear thin sparkly headbands, but I have started to grow my collection to include wide headbands!

Satin on top, thin in the middle, wide on the bottom.

Okay, so this week the prizes are a four pack of RaceDots and a mystery three pack of Sparkly Soul headbands! Stay tuned throughout the week for the flash challenge for an extra entry. For those who are wondering how I pick the winners, I put your names in a hat and pick them out! Fair shot for everyone!

Please make sure to visit RaceDots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with Sparkly Soul on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to thank them for providing the prizes for week one of the December Run Challenge!

If you guys have any questions at all throughout the month, please feel free to reach out to me! I’m always here to help! Good luck and get running!


  1. So excited for this!!! And I have to admit that I'm really hoping that I win the race dots. So sick of pins in my shirt! Happy December Steff :)

    1. They are really cool! I got them from a friend! They are a great gift.

  2. I love this Steff! Excited to participate this year!

  3. I'm glad you showed Race Dots. I probably need to invest in a set. Want to avoid poking holes in all of my nice Oiselle shirts! ;)

    1. For sure! I wore them on my Gwen tank for a race over the summer, zero problems!

  4. I'll be watching your challenge from the bench. I'm still technically on the disabled list, but should be getting back to running soon. Maybe in a week!

    1. We will do some miles for you Wendy! Can't wait to have you join when you can!

  5. GAH! I want some race dots so badly!!! :) Thanks for doing this, Steff; I'm excited!

    1. Girl you need to get you some! Especially for those crazy conditions you end up racing in lol!