Sunday, December 20, 2015

Louisiana Marathon Training: Week Five

Let's chat for a second, before I get in to my week. Please take time to listen to your body. You know your body better than anyone else. LISTEN! I'll go more into this later.

This week I had four workouts for 36 miles. For December I have 113 miles and 1,283 miles for 2015. 

It was a 19 mile run, I didn't turn on my watch after a potty break.

On Monday I started to get a weird pain in my foot, yes that foot. It was more in my ankle than my foot but still. The best way I can describe it is sorta like a shin split pain. I iced and compressed and moved along. I had an awful run on Tuesday and the pain started to get worse. It now started to feel like a pressure headache in my foot. No bruising, just pain. I talked to Mark and we decided I would take two days off and rest. 

When I woke up on Friday, I didn't have a single pain. Like nothing ever happened. All I can think is my body gave me a big middle finger and was begging for a break. I ended up skipping a 10 mile run this week, but it's a small trade off to not be in a boot. 

We got some sort of winter weather this week. Not happy at all. It was so weird to run in winter gear on Sunday. Luckily it's going to warm back up for next week.

I've started working on my 2016 goals. It's been really hard! I put so much energy into my half marathon PR quest that I'm not sure I can do it again! 

Me Joe and Kelsey saw Sisters this weekend. GO SEE IT! Very funny. Laughed almost the entire time. There were some good previews too. 

Next week is my peak week! I can't believe it! Of course it's Christmas week, but it's alright, the marathon doesn't care. I do have a long run planned with Lauren and Jeff next Sunday and I'm super excited about it! 

Have a great holiday everyone! Stay tuned for week four of the December Run Challenge! 

Tell me about your random body signals. Please tell me I'm not alone and crazy! 

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