Sunday, December 13, 2015

Louisiana Marathon Training: Week Four

Can I tell you how much I LOVE cutback weeks? Things are meant to be slower and it really helps you recover that much more. Plus, El Nino is pretty incredible. Am I right? 

This week I had five runs that totaled 36 miles. For December I have 77 miles and 1,247 miles for 2015. 

Saturday and Sunday I ran outside in a tank and short. IN DECEMBER! This has been so incredible and helpful. My marathon is in a few short weeks and to be able to run outside in warmer weather will be everything on race day! Even bigger, we leave for Louisiana in ONE MONTH! I'm so excited to see our friends, but then reality hits that at the end of our trip I will be running my fifth marathon.

I was super excited to get to see Alter Boyz this week with a few of my friends. The show was hilarious and if you can see it, I highly recommend it! 

We got our new fireplace installed!! I am in love. It looks perfect! We use to have a wood stove instead, but we removed it, installed new tile and got the electric unit.

Dangle loves it too. 

Also, my Oiselle Secret Santa gift came this week! I love doing this and I could not have gotten a better surprise! 

And I got an Olaf this week. I love him and needed to have him.

I finished wrapping all of my gifts! I am ready for the holiday. I told hubby yesterday that I wish I could just give him his gifts now since everything is ready. He didn't like that very much, so they stay hidden for a few more weeks.

We are hosting our annual holiday party on Friday and I am very excited for it! Holiday party started about eight years ago as a way to get ready for a NCAA Division 2 Football semifinal game. It tumbled from there. Now, we love that our friends from college and friends we have made since then come together for food/beverages/fun.

If you still need to report back your week two December Run Challenge miles you can do so here. Also, don't forget to enter this weeks flash challenge! You can find it here

It's been a fun and busy week for sure! Next week the miles go back up!


  1. Great job this week! Funny how later in training, doing a half marathon is part of a cutback week. Marathon training is crazy, huh?! I LOVED Altar, so funny :) Glad you liked it too!

    1. I said that my cutback week for a marathon is the same amount of miles as my peak week for my half lol!

  2. Love the new fireplace Steff! So cozy. You'll have to let me know what your mileage is for the weekend. Getting close - so exciting!