Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our Trip to Louisiana and the Expo

We left for our journey on Wednesday and knew we would have a long day of travel. We had our first flight to Tampa. Then a little layover and our second flight to New Orleans.

Joe had my phone while I was napping...

Our friend Josh was at a conference in NOLA so we took a taxi to where he was and walked around for about an hour. 

Read the bottom. I'm here to educate people.

After a crazy long travel day we finally made it to Baton Rouge. It was so great to see my friend Jaimee and we all just chatted and hung out until bed. 

The fun part about visiting Josh and Jaimee is Josh is a local meteorologist. I could enjoy my morning coffee and watch him on TV!

When I woke up Thursday morning I had a really weird pain in my big toe on my right foot. It felt like it needed to crack. Even after my easy three mile run, it never started to feel better. I just shook it off and we continued with our day. We decided to go to LSU and see campus. 

It is a beautiful campus! 

We went to Tigers Stadium and saw the Shaq statue! 

When we were heading back to the car we walked near where Mike the Tiger lives. Yes, a tiger lives on campus. To our surprise HE WAS OUT! 

We went to dinner later that night and I kept messing with my toe. I thought it may have just come out of place. There was a lot of movement but nothing helped. Great. 

When I woke up on Friday my toe was now bruised. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!?! I knew I would have to talk to someone at the expo. 

We got stuck in an accident on the way to the expo and Joe had a slight meltdown. I may have scolded him in public. He deserved it. Once we finally made it, I just wanted to get my bibs. 

I went to get my marathon bib and had a moment. I was picking up my bib from the first booth!! I couldn't believe it! It was a first for me!

The shirts were really cool. They looked the same for both race but changes for each distance. The bags are really neat too. They are big and sturdy!

I got me some merch. Couldn't help it!

Jaimee and her friend Julia met up with us. I also got to meet one of her co-workers, Mark. He was running his first half on Sunday and has worked so hard. I was very excited for him. He had some questions on fueling and other new runner things and I was very happy to help! 

I did go to see the physical therapist at the expo about my toe. She was moving it around and noticed I have a ton of movement in my joint. I ended up getting taped for turf toe and hoped I could make it through the race. I was in constant pain, but the taping did help. I just had to make it to the finish line on Sunday. 

My beautiful busted foot.

Since there was zero racing happening on Saturday, we decided to go out for some margaritas!! It was a blast! 

The night ended with some chocolate cake and a great night sleep. We had a 5k to start off the weekend in a few hours!


  1. THAT TAPE on your toe/foot! OMG!! It looks like some kind of outer space contraption! Ahh, the things we do for race day. I can't wait to read more, Steff!!

    1. It looked crazy but helped so much! I'm glad I found something that helped!