Friday, February 12, 2016

Five Things Friday 2.11

Happy Friday!!! It's not only Friday but tomorrow is the Olympic Marathon trials!!! You know I'll be watching for sure! It's also Valentine's Day weekend!

While me and my husband don't really do anything for Valentine's Day, I know a lot of you do. I thought I would give you guys some ideas for the runner in your life this year! This weeks Five Things Friday is the gender neutral runners gift guide!

1. Race Registration. It's super easy to get your Valentine a race registration. Why not make it a fun getaway! A race will only be a little bit of time during your trip, why not go for it! Check out what races they have been eyeing up and make the decision for them. 

2. Shoes. This might seem difficult for a non runner, but I promise it's something super simple. Find the shoes that your runner is currently running in. Take a picture of the shoe and the inside of the tongue (for correct sizing) and take this to your local running store. They will hook you up and you will look like a hero! 

3. Gift Certificate. This might seem like the easy way out, but if the runner in your life is new to running, getting a gift certificate to a local running store for correct shoes/gear is the greatest gift they can be given. 

4. Foam Roller. When my husband got me a new foam roller for Christmas I was thrilled. Even though I use my foam roller, there is something about a different foam roller that makes everything better. It's great to have more than one foam roller (I have two and a stick) for different types of rolling. It hurts so good. 

5. Compression Socks/Sleeves. Recovery is just as important as the actual workout. Compression socks and sleeves are a necessity for any runner. Plus, PRO Compression is running a Presidents Day sale! Buy one pair, get one free! It's pretty perfect for not only the runner, but the gifter as well! Use promo code PRES for the offer until 2/17!

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I'll have some sort of update for you this weekend! Stay warm out there! 


  1. Happy Valentines Weekend! Dan and I don't really do anything special either. Sometimes we'll have groupons or giftcards we get at Christmas and end up using them Valentines. That's usually around when they expire plus then we get a free date! This year it's high tea at the William Penn Hotel..thanks mom!

    1. That sounds like fun!! Have a great weekend Gretchen!!