Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Week That Was 2.15 - 2.21

This week was the week. I had been completely pain free for a week and it was time to see what I could do. I had all the tools, new shoes and a new mindset, all that was left to do was run.

I had talked to Mark, who is seriously been so wonderful with me, and we decided I would try to run three days this week. No back to back days yet but three solid days. I figured out I would run Tuesday, Friday and Sunday - even though Saturday morning I woke up and it was 51 degrees! 

Tuesday I ran two treadmill miles at at 9:41 pace. During this run I realized I like my Zealots a lot more on the treadmill than the Ride. Still pain free and it was nice to be out of the 10 minute pace on the treadmill. 

Friday was a dark, gloomy and windy day but temps were in the 50s and I couldn't let it go to waste. This was going to be my longer run of the week. Six miles was the plan. It was the first outside run for my Ride and I knew I would have to adjust lacing during the first mile or so. I wanted to do as many hills as I could during this run since it has been a really long time since I've done hills and Rock 'n' Roll DC is quite hilly. I just needed to do it. 

I had to stop three time to adjust my laces, but I think I figured it out. My run went alright, but boy was I humbled. I didn't feel comfortable until mile five and my sock bunched on my left foot and I ended up with a blister on my big toe. When I stopped my watch I was shocked at my 9:14 pace. Completely shocked. I felt like I was crawling. It was so humbling and I was glad it happened. 

Saturday I woke up super tight, like running 18+ miles tight. I ran a marathon in January, how have I lost this much in such a short time? I've talked about how humbling this journey back has been and I spent most of my Saturday morning coffee reflecting. This stress reaction has taken longer to heal then my actual stress fracture. It's been over two month since I've been pain free. I went from being in the best shape of my life to having to start completely over. I realized we have to have these moments to become not only better athletes but better people. 

It was such a beautiful day outside that I cleaned out my MINI, Penny, and enjoyed the sunshine! 

Sunday wasn't very warm when I woke up so I decided to wait until later in the day to run a few miles. I tackled my neighborhood hills for two miles. 

In total I ran three times for a total of 10 miles. A double digit week! I am thrilled. 

I also did something else this week that was a pretty big deal, I left the Oiselle Team. There were a few reasons this happened. The two biggest being I just am not in love with the clothes anymore. Since they changed the sizes I can't wear much and I don't love the new styles. I also would much rather represent my shop and my people at these races. So that is what I did. 

I won an Instagram contest from URBANFITCO for a free top a few weeks ago! They asked me my build and size and put together a few options for me. I picked one and they sent it right out. Turns out that the top I picked wasn't in my size so they swapped it out AND sent me a pair of leggings. Guys I'm obsessed with these leggings! Such a sweet gesture and I am so excited to rock this outfit!

I noticed that when I run I tend to just be more active in life. I don't need to run all the miles, just do something. I am excited for the next few weeks leading to DC and then New Jersey after that. It's fun to be excited again!

Did you get to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather?


  1. So happy for your new adventures with Mojo! I will have to make sure you are there next time I stop in to shop!

  2. So happy for your new adventures with Mojo! I will have to make sure you are there next time I stop in to shop!

  3. Congrats on getting back to running. lady! I've been so happy to see those posts again! So you left Oiselle, huh? I haven't bought anything from them in so long. I didn't even know they changed their sizes! I just haven't been as impressed with their clothes and honestly I have better luck with fit (& price!) with Under Armour. Plus, UA has pink clothes! :)

  4. Cute pants! Love them. Yay for double digits, that's huge and I'm so happy for you! I also washed my car (Franklin) this weekend..perfect weather :)