Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two Tunes Tuesday - Chris Brown

You know when people say that their brain is 80% song lyrics, well this is actually me. I love all different types of music. From Rock to Boy Bands and all that's in between, I love it all! One of my favorite things about running is that I can spend some quality time with my music. I want to spread the music love with you all. Welcome to Two Tunes Tuesday.

Each Tuesday I will share two of my favorite songs from a specific band/performer. They will probably be from the 90's and 2000's. Don't expect to see any new music here, because I don't listen to it. My hope is that you will rediscover some songs that you forgot about or never heard of before that you can add to your workout playlist!

This week, lets rock out to some Chris Brown.

While I understand he has some issues in his personal life, homeboy makes some good music. All of which is PERFECT for a workout playlist. Two of his songs are staples on every single workout playlist I have, and they need to be shared with all of you. They are "Run It" and "I Can Transform Ya".

What is your favorite Chris Brown song? Have a band you want me to feature? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Going off on a tangent here because I think of this story anytime I hear the song run it..
    My roommate in college got caught illegally downloading songs on the university network, so she got called in to security to find out her penalty. One thing that they did was list out some of the songs that she downloaded and when she told the story the only example she mentioned was "Run It by Chris Brown" and it always made me crack up the way she said it.

    Such a great story, I know. Hahah! I need coffee