Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Week That Was: 2.29 - 3.6

This week was interesting. I knew I had to get a double-digit run in to be ready for DC, but I was really struggling. 

My plan for the week was to run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We ended up getting a crazy wind episode here on Tuesday and the power went out twice. My running fear is falling off the treadmill so once the power started flickering, Tuesday was not happening. 

On Wednesday the PRO Compression sock of the month was released. (Only S/M left!)

I needed it, but I can't wear full compression on my cranky foot yet. So, with my hubby's guidance, I ordered the sock and figured I could wear one sock and one sleeve for DC! Sounds like the perfect compromise. I did two treadmill miles at a 9:41 pace and had no issues with my socks. 

Thursday and Friday I got sidelined with a wicked headache. I couldn't see out of my left eye. It was pretty narley. 

The only positive from those two days was that I received my newest roller for my collection! I won an Instagram contest from Roll Recovery and won their foot roller, the R3. It's amazing! Solid and hits the right pressure points!

By Friday night I was really starting to freak out. I have ran once this week and there is this half marathon in doing next week! Thankfully, my girl Lauren calmed me down. She told me we would be run/walking 5:1 intervals for DC and we would have tons of fun. I believe her, I have no reason not to! 

Saturday I took to the treadmill. The goal was 10 miles with a 5:1 run/walk ratio. The running would be at a 9:41-9:31. You know what, it was great! When I was done my legs felt amazing. It was the best run I have had since coming back. Confidence has built up for sure!

In total, I had two workouts this week for 12 miles. I really wanted a 20 mile week this week, but it wasn't in the cards. 

The weather looks to be turning more spring-like this week! I want to try to do the run/walk outside before we head to DC!! Don't forget! If you are going to be in the area on Friday, stop by the We Run Social meet up!!

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  1. Great job this week Steff! So excited for the weather this week :D