Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wisdom From The Running Store: Part One

Since I started working at the running store I have been getting a ton of questions! I decided I would just answer a few of them on the blog so it's out there and the world can know! Look at for these posts randomly. If you have any question you would like answered please contact me or leave the question in the comments!

Hopefully some of the questions that I highlight are ones you have been wondering but didn't want to ask about. Just know you can always ask someone a question at your local running store as well. 99% of the time someone has had the same question and can relate!

The first question is from Kristine:

"Do you really need to run in different shoe brands/ types each day? I've seen many blogs that recommend not sticking to one brand and rotating a few. I do rotate shoes, but now stuck to Brooks since I've never had an issue with them. Should I be incorporating other brands or can I stay with Brooks? I currently rotate Pure Flows and Launch models. And if I need to rotate another shoe, what else would I need to add?"

I am a huge fan of "sticking with what works". If Brooks is the brand that works best with your foot, by all means! I usually stick with the same brand and run in shoes that compliment each other. Your Pure Flow/Launch rotation is great as long as you are using them for different workouts. You should use the Launch for your longer/not tempo runs and the Pure Flow for quicker workouts. The lighter and less drop of the Pure Flow will help out so much with your leg turnover. The 10mm drop in the Launch offers a more cushioned run, great for long runs!

If you are not in a lighter shoe or worried about speed, it might be a good idea to rotate brands IF you can find two brands that feel good on your feet! Say you really like your Pure Flow but wanted another shoe like it you could rotate. I would grab a few shoes with a similar drop and build to your shoe (maybe an ADIDAS or Saucony) and see which feels the best. That way you can extend the life of each pair of shoes and stay on top of any injuries.

No one way is correct, but that is what works for me and most people I help. I'm in Saucony Ride and Zealots right now just because I know the Saucony fit currently works with me. Not so much of a shock to my foot, but some people really like having DIFFERENT shoes. 

Great question Kristine! Thanks for asking!

Again, if you have any questions you want answered, please ask in the comments or contact me! I'm here to help!


  1. Yay, you answered my question!! That is how I primarily use the two models. I used to run solely in Pure Flows, but I finally learned I needed a more cushiony model for long runs and tried a few different ones before finally finding the Launch. And I love them even more than the Pure Flows! Now hopefully Brooks didn't make a huge change with the Launch 3 compared to the 2. Thanks for answering my question!!

    1. You are so welcome! I really like the Launch 3. Not much different but still a great show!

  2. Great new series and great question! I was just reading that rotating between two shoes is good because it gives one shoe a break and a chance to "bounce back' when the other shoe is on duty. I've only ever worn a single model (Asics GT 2000) so need to look for one that complements that. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! That's a tough shoe to find a good complement but I think you would love having an alternative for sure!