Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wisdom From The Running Store: Part Two

Since I started working at the running store I have been getting a ton of questions! I decided I would just answer a few of them on the blog so it's out there and the world can know! Look at for these posts randomly. If you have any question you would like answered please contact me or leave the question in the comments!

This time I will tackle a question from Ashley. She asked "What tips do you have to help you pick the right shoe when you're shopping?"

Awesome question Ashley. Here are a few tips that I always ask people who are trying to find new shoes. 

1. All natural. 

Your shoes should be an extension of you. They shouldn't feel like they add weight or that you have to change the way you walk to wear them. It should be completely natural. 

2. No break in period. 

Running shoes should not need a break in period. If you are "hoping" they are going to feel better after a few runs, you should not buy the shoes. Yes, they will loosen up a little and your lacing can make a difference, but from the first time you put on the shoes you should not question it. 

3. Take your time. 

The last time I was trying to find new shoes it took me three trips and close to four hours. I made sure I tried on and ran in tons of different shoes. When I got down to a couple pairs I liked I took them both out. One on each foot. This way I could compare them and really make a decision. 

4. Talk to the person you are working with. 

Do not just tell the associate at the running store that you just don't like the shoe. WHY? There has to be a reason why. Does your foot feel too tight? Is the arch too low? Even the smallest clue can help the associate pull a shoe that could help you. Also, talk about injuries and what you are training for. Someone running a trail race and an Ironman probably should not be in the same shoes. 

5. Be ready to run. 

If I am fitting you for shoes, be ready to really test them. Wear the socks you run in, comfortable clothes and be rested. I love when people bring me their old shoes so I can check wear patterns. Maybe you need a little more than a gait analysis can read. The only way to know is to get out there and really try the shoe. I don't mind, I'll wait for you. 

Thanks for the question Ashley! Remember, your local running store is always happy to help you with any questions you may have. If you don't feel comfortable asking them, feel free to reach out to me! I am always happy to help!

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