Thursday, April 7, 2016

Atlantic City April Fools 7K Review

I'll give a quick recap about how this all went down before my actual race recap.

In late summer Chelsea and Kristy talked about wanting to cross New Jersey off their 50 States Quest. This race was super cheap so I agreed. Mar then also decided to join in the fun. 

So about a month ago I'm watching wrestling and notice the date for Wrestlemania. It's the same weekend as this race, great. It's only my second favorite weekend of the year (my birthday) and I'm signed up to run in New Jersey. 

Fast forward to earlier in the week when we were all packing and noticed this horrific weather forecast. A cold front was coming through Friday night AND Saturday night. Saturday would have rain and Sunday would have outrageous winds. 

But we were here and we were going to run a 7k and half marathon in New Jersey. 

Since it was Wrestlemania weekend, flat Steff wanted to rep her main man, Seth Rollins. 

Thank goodness I keep emergency running clothes in my car and had a rain jacket. So sadly, Seth was never seen at the race. Anyway, we stayed about 15 minutes from Atlantic City and had a super easy drive in. We waiting in the car until the last possible minute because it was really starting to rain. 

The goal was to run together. Super easy. Chelsea was getting over a nasty bug and my joints were really killing me. Plus, this race was ran on the boardwalk. It's soaked. No need to get hurt. 

We waited for about 10 minutes before the race started. We had the whole boardwalk which was super nice. The four of us just stayed together. No need to push it, we were all drenched and just moving forward. 

There was a man I saw around the first mile marker who was wearing a Finn Bal√≥r shirt (who is another wrestler) and I had to talk to him. I must speak to my fellow wrestling fan. Well, homeboy took off and I never saw him again. 

It was really cool to run on the boardwalk and see all the fun buildings. I could only imagine how it use to be back when AC was the hot spot. Having the casinos and convention center essentially right on the beach is pretty cool! 

We cheered for the leaders coming in (out and back course) and kept the conversation going. It really helped to not think about how miserable I was. My toes were numb, my rain jacket didn't help at all, and the sound of people running in plastic bags was super annoying.

Anyway, we hit the turn around and Kristy noticed we were all alone. There were a few people in front and behind us, but no one near us. It was kinda cool. We got to see the first 11k runner come in and it was a woman! We were super excited for her mainly because there was legit no one else coming! Unless we missed someone before her. 

We started to be able to see the finish line and I think we were all so relived that it was almost over. Chelsea's shoe came untied about three times, Mar's glasses completely fogged up and Kristy couldn't feel her hands. 

We crossed the finish line together and all earned a new PR. This was each of our first 7k race. Our time was 46:29. 

We were given our medals by the ACFD and they were incredibly nice. I also found the man with the Finn shirt and we had a moment. It made me happy. All and all, despite the weather, it was a nice race. 

If it wasn't raining, I wish I could have raced this distance. It was SUPER flat, and there were not a lot of participants. It was a really nice race. 


  1. I was doing the Hot Chocolate 15K race in Philly on Saturday and we had the same weather. I was cursing the rain but then I thought about all of you racing in AC and felt better since I knew other runners were dealing with the same crappy weather :(

    Despite the weather, sounds like a fun race. I'm thinking of signing up for it next year.

    1. It did make it feel a little better knowing other people were racing in the nightmare! Great job getting out there!

  2. Ugh wet races are the worst! Great job getting it done :) Looks like you still managed to have fun!

    1. It was fun! We just took our time and had a new adventure!

  3. Sounds like fun despite the crappy weather!

  4. This was so much, we must all do it again! and again, and again, and again...........