Friday, April 29, 2016

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Review

A few days ago I found out I would be receiving some product from Eagle Creek through Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. I had heard of them before and was really excited to try everything out.

I received the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport fitness locker, shoe locker and roll top sac. Each bag is antimicrobial, water repellent and has odor control. They are washable and you don't have to worry about bulky packing systems. These bags are super light. 

Before I tell you about each product, I need to tell you that I am terrible traveler. I always feel like I'm forgetting something. I'm constantly checking my bag to make sure everything is there. The fact that these bags are bright yellow (actual name is strobe yellow) makes me feel instantly better! 

Shoe Locker:

The first thing I noticed about the shoe locker is that it's ventilated. MAJOR PLUS! We all know how bad running shoes can get. 

The shoe locker can fit up to a size 13 shoe. It has a loop on the top for easy carrying. I would drape the loop on a hook in my car just so I can see that my shoes are actually in the car. Yes, I'm that bad. 

I wear between an 8-8.5 shoe and my shoes fit perfectly. I even had enough room that I could put a pair of flats or sandals in with them! 

Fitness Locker:

The fitness locker is meant to hold your clothes. For example, say your running and a sudden downpour happens. Put your wet clothes in the fitness locker so you can keep them away from everything else. 

It also has the loop on the top, which is also nice if you are at the gym. You can hang it from your locker and be able to get those sweaty clothes where they need to go. 

I am an extra small in clothes and I could fit A TON of clothes in here. I'm packing for my races this weekend and could fit three race outfits in it, including socks! This bag has some serious room. 

Shoes and clothes packed and still looks great!

Roll Top Sac:

I think every runner needs to own this bag. It's super simple but crazy effective. It is just a sac with a buckle closure. The thing I love it for is wet, stinky socks. I take my shoes and socks off as soon as I'm done running. Now I can throw my socks in the roll top sac and not have to worry about losing one or the smell that will come with them. 

I'm also going to be using this in my bag check this weekend. With the rain coming and a double race on Saturday, I want to have a dry option. I'll put my wet clothes in the roll top sac and not have to worry about them during my second race. 

If you are traveling a lot, you need to check out the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport. I really don't know how I traveled without them. Packing has been so easy and worry free! 

Since I love you guys, I decided to even record myself using the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport. I must really like you guys to share this with you all!

Disclaimer: I was provided this product by Eagle Creek and Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. All opinions are my own. 


  1. All of these products look awesome!

    1. Right! I need more now that I have them!

  2. nice! super cute video too! thanks for sharing!

  3. I must get these ASAP! Any chance RNR wants to give out a discount code to its bloggers to share? :-P

    1. I'm going to have to check for you. You need these! I use the shoe bag everyday!

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