Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Things Friday 4.15

Hi again! I'm back for another edition of Five Things Friday! I will be linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia again for this weeks post! The third Friday of the month is all about favorites. I decided I would share with you my five favorite memes right now!

1.  Because it's true...

2. Yeah, this too

3. So true, but I would give anything for warm weather right now!

4. ....yeah

5. If this said 9pm...

I hope this brought a smile to you face! Happy Friday everyone! I'll be talking to you in a few days!


  1. I saw the first meme on IG yesterday but instead of Disney it said running shoes. I laughed so hard because it's SO true!

  2. Memes always make my day :) Happy Friday!

  3. Your pics are too funny! When I have a tough race I think I don't want to do it again, until I see sign ups for another race. A vicious cycle:) -L