Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Just Keep Moving Forward

During one of the races last weekend, my friend Kristy turned to me and said this:

You know what the awesome thing is about running? Look at all of these people. No one looks alike, runs alike but they are all doing it. 

Of course it's something we have all thought about at one point, but until someone else says it out loud, and in a downpour, it doesn't seem to stick. 

It's always talked about, it doesn't matter how fast you are moving, just that you are moving forward. In that exact moment, it was right in front of me. I took running for granite for so long. 

It was something that came so naturally to me and I thought it would be there forever. Then it wasn't. I would tell people all the time about just being able to move forward but it wasn't until recently that I truly appreciated it. 

If you are looking for a sign for the day, here it is. As long as you are moving forward and enjoying what you are doing, you are doing it right. There is no runners build. There is no perfect way to do it. Being confident in yourself and your passion will make your soul happy. Do not compare your journey to anyone else. 

Simply put, just keep moving forward. 


  1. This is exactly what I say all the time and the #1 why I love running. EVERYONE is a runner!

    1. It is so simple! It was such an awesome moment.

  2. Love this! Sadly, I'm not able to really move forward right now (stupid injury flaring up again) but once I can run again I'm excited to slowly move forward as I get back into running! You definitely don't realize how much you love it until you can't do it anymore.

    1. I'm so sorry Kristen! You'll be back and just enjoy the ride!