Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Boston Feelings.

Boston Marathon Monday should be a national holiday, fact. Since I started running longer distances and the Boston Marathon has been broadcasted on television, I have been watching. I remember back in 2013 I was sitting on my couch streaming the feed before I had to go to work. I was running my first marathon less than two weeks later and it was the most incredible motivation I could have ever asked for.

Through the years, as I started to branch out and connect with other runners, I realized what running Boston actually meant. Not only was it the incredible task of qualifying, then you have to hope you were fast enough to reach the cut off to get in, and then actually training for a pretty difficult course.

This year was a little different for me. I actually knew people IRL that were running Boston. I knew how hard they worked to qualify. I knew the sacrifices they made for training. I was emotionally invested. This made Monday so much different than years past. I had my tracking set up and was wearing all the blue and gold I could find.

Of course I was incredibly busy at work on Monday and could not start streaming the race until my lunch. I had chills all day. I couldn't shake them. I felt like at any second I could burst into tears. No one understood except other runners, and I thank you all for helping me keep it together. I took tons of breaks and kept seeing my friends post pictures from all around Boston and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. 

As I started the stream, I got my first view of the elites. The women were around mile 18 and I could feel the energy. Not too long after I started getting text updates about my friends. Tears. Messy tears happened in my car. I was so proud! It didn't matter if they had their best race ever, they made it and this was a victory lap.

It has been said if you have lost faith in humanity you should go and watch a marathon, and I believe this 100%. I may never qualify for Boston, but the runners high from being a spectator from states away renewed my spirit. Next year I know even more people who will be running Boston and I think I am going to have to take a vacation day. Boston needs my full on attention, my friends deserve my attention.

So from me to all of you Boston finishers, CONGRATS! You earned it and you deserve it. Thank you for letting me follow your journey and watch your victory lap. I hope it was everything you ever dreamed of. Please know our entire community was cheering all of you on!

How did you celebrate Marathon Monday? Did you run? How did it go?


  1. My work's online security is really weird...pretty much everything is blocked but for some reason I could watch the stream of the race. I had a bunch of phone meetings all morning so it was great to watch the race!

  2. You should come up and spectate in person next year! Have you ever thought about running it, whether by qualifying or fundraising? Something to think about. :)

    1. I've thought about spectating. I would love to fundraise to do it but I worry I wouldn't raise enough!