Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Women, Not Divas.

As I have stated a number of time, I am a huge professional wrestling fan. It is something I have passion for and I will defend it tooth and nail if I must.

I have to admit, I was super excited when WWE and E! decided to make a show highlighting the women on the roster. "Total Divas" is a show that not only bring attention to some of the female athletes, but it shows how real the business can be. Between injuries and personal lives, people can now recognize some of these amazing women. 

One thing that has bother me for years was the fact that WWE made the decision to call their female talent "Divas". 

To me, this seemed to downgrade the division. In my mind, a diva is someone who is a little high maintenance and is timid. A woman who won't always be aggressive and may not be strong on her own. This was completely displayed as well. For years women's wrestling was terrible. Cat fight matches and hair pulling  were the norm and, often times, Divas were picked based on looks not talent.

And can we talk about that belt, yuck!

A few years ago, WWE started a developmental brand called NXT (which is incredible if you have never seen it). In NXT there is a women's division and these women steal the show. They are some of the most respected athletes in the business and rightfully so. Their matches are strong and physical, the way that as a woman I want women to be portrayed.

L to R: Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

The only problem is, on WWE they were still referred to as Divas. 

Until Wrestlemania

WWE made the decision to change the division back to the women's division. The women are no longer Divas, they are talent. Later that night, the women's championship match was the best match of the night, hands down. Those women stole the show. 

A strong belt for strong women

It's funny to me how changing one word can change the entire perception of a situation. As women, we are strong IF NOT STRONGER than men. We endure a lot just by being us. For a huge organization that is respected and loved by millions to make this move is inspiring for me. These women are changing the game for not only female wrestling fans but women in sports every where. 

It goes back to the Always "Like A Girl" campaign. Slowly, we are changing the world. Thank you WWE for joining the fight. 


  1. I used to watch WWE all the time growing up (I think it was called WWF back then?) and I could never understand why they were called divas. Hello- the women are insanely strong and talented! Why don't they deserve the same respect as the men? Or should we start calling them the Prima Donnas or something?

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  3. I still have a problem with how much a man (Ric Flair) interferes with the matches. I understand the gimmick, but I'm over it. Also, reintroducing Maryse isn't helping. Big step, but more can be done.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I have a feeling at Summerslam we will get Sasha and Charlotte and life will be good!

    2. Yep Natty vs Charlotte for 2 month. Feel bad for Natty. From everything I've heard she works super hard every day.