Thursday, May 5, 2016

Flying Pig 5k Recap

About an hour after I finished the 10k, it was time to run a 5k. After I finished the 10k I went back to the car, warmed up and had some more salt. I had texted Carrie (who ran a 22 minute 5k in Pittsburgh) and told her I was really feeling rough. My quads hurt, my cough won't stop and the rain was coming down. She told me to go have fun, and that's what I was going to do. 

I left Joe and headed to the start corrals. I was standing in the middle of the road and some lady came up to me and asked if this was where the elites were lining up. I chuckled a little and thanked her. At least I looked like I should be fast, definitely not feeling that way at this point. 

I was suppose to be in corral B for this race, but I saw a ton of little kids, strollers and just a whole lot of no. A man took notice of this struggle and came up next to me and said to follow him. He took me to the front of corral A. Hey, I'm not complaining. 

This race course was a little different than the first. We would stay in Ohio and would pick up the 10k course about half way through. The first mile was fast. Flat with a slight uphill then back down to flat. I just let my legs go. It's still raining and I just kept avoiding anything slick. There was a younger girl who I could tell wanted to race. I decided I would help get her out of the pack so she could go. I got the nod from her once we were free. It was kinda nice. 

Mile One: 7:30

Yeah, remember that 10k I ran an hour before, I did. It was about this point I had a conversation with my legs. I pointed out to them that we were not trying to win the 3-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese and we needed to reel it in. Thankfully that last hill from the 10k came back to slow me down. The same lady was out with pretzels. I didn't carry my water so I passed but thanked her. Surprisingly,  I feel pretty good. 

Mile Two: 8:19

It started to rain again in the final mile. Still, the spectators were out and fantastic. The flat actually felt really nice. My quads were twitching and again, I'm covered in spit and snot. Seriously, these volunteers must think there is something wrong with me. I actually started to pass people in the final mile. I couldn't believe it. 

Mile Three: 8:04

Coming down the finishers chute again was a lot of fun. There was still a great crowd cheering us in and I felt like I was winning the race. 

Yes, it does say the finish swine lol

I clocked in at 25:09. I was incredibly proud of that. I really wanted to stay between 25-26 minutes and I did. Even with running a race an hour before! 

I also finished eighth in my age group which was even more shocking! Joe asked me if I could just train for a big 5k race and see how I could do. (That's for another blog post). I just had so much fun. I was super impressed by the crowds and again really enjoyed the course. 

Three races down, one to go! 

Here is the course map and the elevation chart from the 5k!

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