Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Flying Pig Toyota 10k Recap

Part One: Flying Pig Expo and Little Kings Mile. 

The second part of my Flying Pig journey was the Toyota 10k. When I registered for this race last fall, the 10k was going to be my spring goal race. I wanted to break my PR (47:45) so I put in I would be running a 46 minute 10k. This actually landed me in corral A! 

Joe was also running the 10k so we headed down and got prime parking. The 5k would be about an hour after the 10k and I needed to do a bib change. Parking was super simple and we could dodge the rain for a little bit. 

Thankfully when we got out of the car the rain stopped. My cough on the other hand was still quite awful. I already knew I wouldn't hit my 10k PR goal, but I still wanted to have a good race. 

I made my way to corral A and did not feel comfortable at all. I looked around me and knew I didn't belong. This is my favorite race distance and I just wanted to enjoy this experience I may never get again. 

After the National Anthem was done the race officials called for us to move forward. Ummm no, I'm good sir. "Come on, let's go. Get up here." That's how it happened, I started on the start line of the 10k. Can we say bucket list item!

Photo from Flying Pig Marathon Facebook Page

The first mile had a lot in it. We went downhill, then up hill across a bridge into Kentucky and back down hill. Seriously, all in one mile. The bridge was about a half mile in and once I got to the middle of the bridge I knew it was going to be a long race. I was coughing and spitting already. My allergies were winning. 

Mile One: 7:11

Mile two was through this super cute area with tons of spectators along this Main Street. We turned down by the river where we could see the Reds stadium across the river, pretty cool. I knew I needed to slow down and this flat area was the perfect place to feel my groove. 

Mile Two: 7:54

Mile three started with a bridge we would cross during Sunday's race. It was nice to be able to tell how things were going to be. It was uphill a little, but nothing rough. This bridge actually lead to the same road our hotel was so it was nice to recognize something. There were TONS of people out in just dreary conditions. There were even people handing out cookies! 

At the end of mile three I knew I was done. I couldn't breathe through my nose and that's how I run. I still wanted to power through and have a great time. I thought taking a Honey Stinger chew might help a little before crossing the final bridge.

Mile Three: 8:18

The final bridge was in mile four and it would take us back to Ohio. This bridge would also be in the half, so again, nice to know what it to come. The hill wasn't that bad, but the wind on the bridge was pretty rough. Nothing like what I encountered in New Jersey, but being high on a bridge over a river was something. Add in that I still couldn't breathe properly made this pretty rough.

Once off the bridge we made another climb on an overpass back into downtown. We would actually cross back to where we started but turn another direction. At least it was flat for a little while. A little while....

Mile Four: 8:31

Okay so mile five we went back where we started but instead of turning right to go back to Kentucky we turned left up ANOTHER HILL! Seriously, they may have found every hill in the Cincinnati area. I was really regretting not packing some pretzels in my water bottle. After I got to the top of the hill and turned right, there were ladies handle out pretzel sticks! It might actually be my lucky day!

The course started to go downhill after that point and it was like my second wind kicked in. Thank goodness. I am covered in snot and spit at this point. My coughing is out of control and my abs hurt from it. Ugh just get to the finish line.

Mile Five: 8:05 

ONE MILE TO GO! I knew the final mile was flat and could coast in to the finish. It's a little windy again since we are under a whole bunch of overpasses. It's super gloomy outside but the volunteers and cheer stations were so wonderful. In the final mile they were handing out candy, cheerleaders were out lifting spirits and I truly appreciated it.

Mile Six: 8:30

I made the final turn into the finish chute. It would be in the same spot for all three races. The crowds were awesome. Legit awesome. My legs were like Jell-O but the energy from all those people was everything.

I crossed the line in 51:52. I finished in the top 20 in my age group and top 100 females. All things considered, I'll take it! I haven't been training for a race like this and my legs needed the challenge. It was a fun and challenging course. Two races down, two to go!

This is what the medals looked like all weekend just different sizes and colors.

Here is the course map and elevation chart for the Flying Pig Toyota 10k.


  1. Outstanding finish in spite of not feeling well. I love Flying Pig weekend! CIncy is my hometown ;)

    1. Thanks Amy! I loved all the races, it was such a great weekend!

  2. Nice job to tough it out when you're not feeling great!

  3. Great job! I don't know what it is about this race weekend - the one year I did Flying Pig it was raining too!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I think it's the strange weather of the first weekend of May. Always the weirdest weather!

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