Monday, May 16, 2016

Reset and Refocus

I have been very clear about my goals for this year. All I want to do is have fun running again. Too bad for me I haven't been running much. Not having an actual goal to focus on has really made it easy for me to slack off.

For example, early last week I had an awesome track workout. It was the first track workout I ran in months. This should have propelled me to wanting to continue with more good runs for the week. 

Guess what, it didn't. Between working, life and just needed a day or so to veg out, that was my only run last week. My motivation is slipping. With no goal race to focus on, I don't feel the need to get out there as much. I have discovered I love running so much more when I have a plan of attack. Structure. I like knowing what's to come. 

I made a decision. I want to focus on two races this year. One being Rock 'n' Roll Chicago 5k in about two months. A fast, flat course is something I don't get a lot of. I'm also much more comfortable in warm weather conditions, which is great for a middle of July race. 

The second race I want to focus on is the Rock 'n' Roll Philly half marathon. This is a historically fast race. It's the end of September so I can have a nice training in the summer again. 

I also am completely realistic about my goals. I am not going for a PR, because I don't think I could do it again and I don't want to. I don't have the mental focus to try to PR again this year and I want to stay healthy for my long term goal in 2017. I also have five more half marathons this year, Philly is the middle of them. It seems like the perfect place and time to have a goal race. 

Right now I don't have a training plan. It should be coming shortly. I've been doing some research on some different trainings for how much time I can give running right now, which appears to be four days a week. I hope to build up my confidence and mileage in the next few weeks before I really start back at it. 

To be honest, right now I'm not so sure how well these races are going to go. I'm pretty low in the confidence department. I'm really hoping adding these goals into my mindset will help that confidence come back. I just keep looking past this year and towards 2017, and I can't keep doing that. I need to focus on the now.

Here's hoping I'm making the right decision. 


  1. You can do it! I found that without a plan, I lost motivation easily too. I found that making a plan, even if it's not one where you PR, is good enough. Just schedule yourself some runs & stick to it. Know you want to have a good race, & that's all. You got this girl!

    1. Thanks Ciara! I need to make it like a business meeting right now. I hoping the change in weather will help too.

  2. I'm feeling the same way with motivation. Now that I'm in your neck of the woods, do you want to do some runs with me? Maybe we can get together at North Park or something. Let me know! Miss you :)

    1. Yes Gretchen! This summer we will have to do that! We miss you guys too! After our crazy travel month we will have to get together!