Monday, May 9, 2016

Why I Run Rock 'n' Roll

When I was updating my race calendar the other day I realized the only races I have left this year are Rock 'n' Roll Marathon races! Even though I knew this was coming up, it wasn't until I actually saw it that I got super excited.

A lot of people have a lot of opinions on races. Some like big races, others like smaller ones. Some people will race the same races every year because they know what to expect. I'm the kind of runner that uses running to explore new places. Either way you do it, it needs to work with you. 

I thought that I should share a few reasons why I really like Rock 'n' Roll races. Maybe you haven't done a RnR race yet and are considering one, I promise to help you make the decision. 

1. The biggest reason why I love RnR races is knowing what is coming. RnR is awesome with sharing as much about the race as they can. You know what your shirt, medal and headliner will be. The crew also does videos of the course so you know key places to look for. 

I already know what my RnR Philly medal looks like!
2. The tour pass may be the greatest deal ever. There are a few different options in the tour pass: a three race tour pass and a global unlimited tour pass. If you are thinking about two RnR races this year, SIGN UP FOR THE TOUR PASS! For $200 you get three races, any distance. Plus, you only pay the fees once which is a huge perk. I love how easy it is to register with my tour pass. I just select my profile when I register and it's all there! 

3. Who doesn't love extra bling!? The more RnR races you run, the more bling you earn! Want to run a mile or 5k the day before your half or full marathon? Earn a Remix Challenge medal! You can come back from a weekend with three medals! Are you running more than one half or full RnR race? Sign up for the heavy medals. They will send you an extra medal for the more races you do! 

These are some of the medals you can earn!

4. I love running exploring new cities by running in them. Running RnR races helps me travel to new places and know what type of race I am getting. I know what to expect at the expo, pre and post race and just the overall experience. It takes a ton of pressure off the trip knowing that I'll have a great experience from RnR. 

5. I think my favorite part of RnR races is the people. I can go on Twitter and connect with other people running the races that I am. There are always meet ups at the races and I can actually put a face to the Twitter handle. I have made some of my very best running friends from meet ups, it's so much fun to known people from all over! 

From the We Run Social meet up at RnR DC

Remember, if you are interested in running some RnR races this year, use my promo code to save some money! 

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What do you like about running certain races? What race series do you love racing with?


  1. You talked me into it! I'm looking at Raleigh for next April :)

    1. It would be awesome if we were there at the same race!! my friend & I are putting logistics together this weekend! (we plan way ahead, obviously) haha

  2. I'll be in San Diego, LA, and Vegas. Hope to see you at one of them!

  3. Can't wait for the great DONUT RUN!!!! So glad we got to finally meet in person in DC! :)

    1. I'm so excited we're gonna do another race weekend!!

  4. RnR is truly a GREAT way to see another city! And the VIBE is just so awesome! It's so easy to spread the RnR love!!

  5. I agree...the tour pass is such a great deal. So many races, so many new cities to visit, so much fun!