Friday, June 17, 2016

Five Things Friday 6.17

Sorry guys! I haven't done a Five Things Friday in a few weeks! It's been a little crazy over in my neck of the woods! We are leaving for vacation today and I have been trying to get ready!

This week in the linkup with Cynthia, Mar and Courtney we are linking up with our favorites. I wanted to share with you five of my favorite races I have done. I get a lot of people asking which races I loved doing, so let me share five of my favorites with you, in no particular order.

1. The Liberty Mile

This is my favorite Pittsburgh race. Hands down. I always have so much fun the entire day/night and I love seeing all the different waves.

2. The Pittsburgh Marathon 5k

This is my second favorite Pittsburgh race. It is a challenging but fun course. The crowd support is really good and you can spend all day downtown to take in the entire weekend.

3. The Runners World Hat Trick

This was my first challenge race and I was hooked ever since. Between the actual races, the challenging courses and the events that Runners World puts on the entire weekend - it is a must do event.

4. Rock 'n' Roll DC Half Marathon

RnR DC is the only half marathon I have done twice. Truth. I love this course and the race in general. I'm hoping to do it again next year. The crowds are great and there is so much fun all around!

5. The Columbus Marathon

When people tell me they are running Columbus I get all excited. I love this race! The whole connection to the cause and the community is just incredible. Plus, it's my marathon PR. so there's that!

I hope my favorite races can help you with some race decisions you might be making! Check out my race recap/upcoming races tab at the top of my page for all the races I've done or have coming up!

What are some of your favorite races?


  1. Some fave races = The Cobweb Chaser 5K in San Antonio, The St. Michael's Ocktoberfest 5K in Chicago (my PR!), the Wisconsin (Half) Marathon, and the Chicago Marathon.:) Happy weekend!

  2. Would you believe I live right outside of DC and even worked for RnR but have not been able to do the race due to injuries or logistics. I've already signed up for next year so maybe I will see you there!

  3. Believe it or not, I've never done any of these races! My favorite is probably the Pittsburgh 10 Miler. I've done it every year and just love it!

  4. Akron Marathon - my first full! Rock n Roll Las Vegas - awesome scene and a great excuse for a mini-vacation! The Pittsburgh half marathon - best crowd I've experienced. Rock n' Roll D.C. was a lot of fun this year and I'm already registered for 2017! The WDW Marathon weekend was great, but I enjoyed the Disneyworld Half marathon the best out of the four races.

  5. Ttoally agree with you about the Runner's World races. I had a very enjoyable experience last year. I hope to go back at least one more time!

  6. Richmond marathon for sure - but Wine Glass is a close second!

  7. i've been thinking about the Liberty Mile! but don't think i an squeeze it in. The only races I've repeated are Pittsburgh Half and RnR DC - both favorites!

  8. You can never go wrong w Rock n Roll races. I have never done DC but I have done Philly, VA Beach, Vegas, and Dallas!

  9. I've done #3 and #4. The RW Hat Trick was AMAZING when I did it last year. I loved it. Definitely an event I plan to do again. All around really nice weekend.

  10. It's so nice to hear the RnR DC is one of your favorites-I'm signed up for next year! My favorite races are the Wicked 10K and the Shamrock Half, both in Virginia Beach.