Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Summer Running Bag

I've talked before how I keep a bag in my car of running stuff for every season. I have had a bunch of you ask what exactly is in the bag. Well, as I was packing my summer bag this week, I figured it was the best time to share!

Let me start with saying, I'm terrible with switching out my bags. Luckily for me that I left my winter bag in my car into April and it greatly helped me for the Atlantic City Half Marathon

I try to keep the same things in my bag, but rotate the actual contents every few weeks. Even if they aren't being worn, things need washed and changes sometimes happen. 

Okay, so here is what is currently in the first round of my summer running bag. 

So what exactly is all this stuff and why do I have it in there? Very good question! 

Let's start with the top row. I always keep three different types of tops with me. Long sleeve, short sleeve and a tank are always with me in the summer. Now you might think I'm crazy for having long sleeves with me. Hear me out. I have marathon trained in some crazy summer weather. When I trained for Columbus in 2014 it rained for almost every long run I did. Having a long sleeve shirt to come back to was wonderful. Also, some late summer mornings can be quite chilly. It's nice to have a backup plan. 

Okay, part one of the bottom row. I keep two different Sparkly Soul headbands with me. They aren't my everyday headbands, actually they are ones I have gotten from grab bags. Perfect for emergency situations! I also have some travel sizes deodorant and of course sun screen! I also have a cotton shirt. Yes, this is strange. This is actually a HUGE shirt and I sit on it when I'm super sweaty! I tend to forget to switch out towels, but having an old shirt with me is super easy to do. 

So you might think it's strange to have a pair of shoes in this picture. I always keep a pair of shoes in my car. You never know when you have an opportunity to run! Especially if you keep clothes in your car. I'm also trying to phase these specific shoes out, which is why they are currently in my bag. 

Next are a pair of PRO Compression calf sleeves and socks. These are ones that match with the back up clothes I have in the bag. Of course I have to match! No summer running bag would be complete without a pair of shorts. These Oiselle rogas match well with all three tops, so they are in the bag! 

I love my Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport bags and they work great for this specific reason. I pack everything in the bags neatly and then into my bigger bag!

The summer running bag joins my stick, that is always in my car, for the next few weeks! It's just a little peace of mind for me knowing I can have something on hand at all times. 

Hopefully this can help you prepare your own summer running back. I would love to know what you pack in yours!

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  1. This is such a good idea! I'm always bringing my stuff in and out of the car so having it stay there would be so convenient.