Monday, June 20, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon Training: Week Two

Let's be honest, some weeks life happens. That was this week. Thankfully, it's early in training and hopefully it's all done for this training cycle. 

Monday I worked all day including a high school baseball game. Needless to say, no training happened. 

Tuesday I did three miles on the neighborhood hills again with five strides. I feel myself getting stronger and my time is coming down. These hill use to kill me, but I'm getting there. I also did my core workout from Monday. 

Wednesday was another all day work marathon. I did roll a lot on Wednesday, which felt amazing.

Thursday was the day that ruined the week. The weather had been showing some crazy storms coming our way, and boy did they. 

We got rocked twice. Once around 4:30pm and the other closer to 10pm. My street flooded and so did my basement. Apparently my neighborhood and about five miles around me were the hardest hit. Fantastic, right before leaving for vacation. Luckily we got everything cleaned up. Oh, I did do a strength workout, so there's that. 

Friday we left for vacation!! We are vacationing in Deleware with a bunch of our friends from college. We decided we would split up the trip and spend the night my my girl Lauren and her hubs in Virginia. We got ice cream from a place called "The Dairy Godmother" and I had no words. I had a Rice Krispies treat sundae. It was a great night. 

Saturday Lauren agreed to run with me and Mandy, Tori and Laura decided to join in! We ran four miles around her hood. It was so much fun. Nice and easy, just talking about anything. I'm so lucky to have such great friends!

Oh, and I got sunburnt at the beach on the top of my feet and one corner of my chest. That was fun. 

Sunday I decided to run a 5k! I mean, I'm in a different state, I needed a race! I did a three mile warm up, ran the 5k and was suppose to run six miles after. Well, something unexpected happened, which I will talk about later this week, and I ended up only running two miles after the 5k. Eight miles total. 

Sunday was also my six year wedding anniversary! Getting to spend the day with people who were at (or in) our wedding was a lot of fun!

Also, Seth Rollins had his return match from injury and won the WWE World Heavyweight Title for all of five minutes. At least I got to wear my new shirt!  

Weekly Total: 15 miles
June Total: 45.1

Like I said, last week was an off week. I missed a run and had to cut one short. It's totally okay. There are 14 more weeks of training to go!

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  1. Those storms were crazy! And what a time for you to have to clean everything up, right before vacation. Happy anniversary & have fun the rest of your vacation!