Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wisdom From The Running Store: Part Four

Welcome to the June edition of Wisdom From The Running Store. For those of you who are new to this series, every month I answer your questions that you might not feel comfortable asking someone at your local running store. You can always email me or tweet me your questions as well!

This month I decided I would answer a question I get asked A LOT! It is a super important thing for runners to be aware of. 

What are you looking at when you look at the bottom of my shoes?

I said it a few months ago, when you go to get new running shoes TAKE YOUR OLD SHOES WITH YOU! This way the associate helping you can take a look at the wear pattern on your shoes. Even if you have been wearing the same show for awhile, things change. Being aware of your wear pattern will keep you healthy and running! 

So what should you be looking for in a wear pattern? You want to have your wear pattern in the middle of your shoes. It's that simple. If you are more in or out, your shoes may need adjusted. I'll give you a few examples. 

For me, I run on the outside of my feet. I do have a slight bow in my legs, so if you would watch me run you would think I pronate. I know, fun. Anyway, for my gait I wear a neutral shoe. There are no shoes for people like me. My wear pattern will be in the middle to outside of a shoe. 

These are my track/speed workout shoes so it is easy to tell with the dark. I am wearing these shoes well. There is very little wearing on the inside, and I'm staying mostly in the middle. Yay me! 

My husband has the opposite problem. He pronates. He needs a shoe that will take his feet more towards the outside to pull him to a neutral position. He use to pronate really bad, but after losing over 40 pounds (yay hubs!) his gait changed a little. He still pronates, just not as bad. He was complaining of really bad knee and hip pain. The bottom of his shoes can tell the story. 

Excuse my not completely removed nail polish!

As you can see, he is really pushed out to the outside of his shoes. While he does have good middle wear, he needs a shoe with a little less support. With a small adjustment, he was back in action! 

As a runner, we all know when things don't feel right. Take a look at the bottom of your shoes and see where you're at. If you would like me to look at them email me or tweet me! I would be super glad to help! 

Do you look at the wear pattern on your shoes? 


  1. I look at the wear pattern of my shoes often! One of these days I want to have my form analyzed because I notice a weird pattern. My left heel always wears out in the outside corner, but not my right. I know I heel strike and have been working on that, but I think it's odd my left shoes always wears in the heel where my right one typically more in the middle.

    1. Have them look at it for sure! Wait for a little bit after your marathon. Take them your shoes and show them exactly what you are talking about! Might be something simple.

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