Friday, July 15, 2016

Five Things Friday 7.15

Not only is it Friday, IT'S RACE WEEKEND!! I am so excited to get in a car with four other people and head seven hours west to Chicago! Race weekends have quickly become my favorite things. Which works perfect for this weeks link up with Cynthia, Mar and Courtney.

I wanted to share with you my five favorite things about a race weekend!

1. Travel: I love traveling and if it's a race weekend, it means exploring a new place. In 2016 I will be running a race in ten states. TEN STATES! How crazy is that?! I'm not on a 50 States quest, but getting to visit all the new places is honestly why I love running so much.

2. People: Whether it is people I am traveling with or the friends I make along the way, the people are a huge reason why race weekends are so memorable. This weekend will include lots of sing-a-longs, eating and sweating. I can't wait!

3. The Bling: I love seeing the different themed medals from different areas. For this weekends race they clearly have a Chicago theme. You can't get those same type of medals anywhere else, and I usually have an awesome story about each medal I earn.

4. The Expo: I really love a good expo. I like seeing the different representation of each area through their local shops. You can usually find some awesome things related to your race that is not "race official" at the expo. I love finding those gems.

5. Accomplishment: I don't think there is a better feeling on earth than crossing a finish line. Doesn't matter the time or distance, just the sense of accomplishment. That feeling is something I love. If you do not get that feeling finishing a race, I think you might need to find your love of running again.

To everyone running in Chicago this weekend, make sure you say hello if you see me! There is a We Run Social meet up as well, if you are in the area try to make it! I cannot wait to connect with all of you! If you are racing somewhere else this weekend, GOOD LUCK! Stay hydrated and enjoy the journey!


  1. Those are the same things that keep me racing too. Good luck this weekend. I hope it's not way too hot on race day!

  2. Accomplishment is what keeps me coming back year after year. There is something so incredibly satisfying about finishing a race.

  3. Good luck and have fun in Chicago this weekend!

  4. Love it! Good luck in Chicago! I need to incorporate more racing and traveling together!