Wednesday, July 6, 2016

For The Love Of The Olympics

I am a huge fan of the Olympics. Winter or Summer Games, I'll watch it all. During the last Summer Games I was known for sitting in my car on my lunch streaming archery or fencing. I am so fascinated by the passion and dedication to sport by all of the athletes. 

With all the negative comments about the upcoming Games, I have to say that I have been a little less excited this time around. Athletes do not want to participate, venues are not completed and safety is a huge issue. It has kind of put a damper on the whole event. 

That was until last week. The Olympic Trails for Track and Field and Swimming started. These two events are some of bigger ones of the games. People can all talk about them and they are usually in prime time. Some of the biggest names of the Games compete in these sports, and for me - it made it so real that the games are really starting soon. 

I haven't been able to watch Track and Field live, but my DVR has been working over time for me. I can't get enough. I'll watch the prelims and finals. White knuckle with a sprint to the finish. I even screamed when Joe Kovacs qualified in the shot put (Eastern Pa represent!) 

There have been two moments so far with the T&F trials that have filled my heart with the most joy and pure love for the sport. The first is that women's 800m final. 

If you have not seen the race, google it. Totally worth it. Between the heartbreak of a fall and obstruction on the final turn to Kate Grace WINNING her first ever national event (first podium ever). This race had it all. On the edge of my couch. 

For me, the most impactful event of the trials so far was English Gardner winning the women's 100m. To see how much this meant to her, all of her hard work and sacrifice. Man, I had chills. Just wailing at the end of the race. You had all the feels for her. In her post race interview she said that for the last Olympics she wasn't even considered for a relay position and now here she is, winning the Trials. 

Will the Games themselves be a hot mess, maybe. Will I still watch them, duh. The opinions of many will not change my mind. My heart is beginning to get excited to see these athletes expose themselves to the world. I can't wait to see how the Trails finish up, and how the world shows up in Rio. 


  1. I feel the same way about the Olympics this year. It's not going to be as epic as other years, but it's the Olympics! Got to watch it :) Fun fact- Joe Novacs and I share a birthday! That makes me part Olympian right? I'm also SO excited for gymnastics! Qualifiers are this weekend :)

    1. You are so an Olympian my friend! I already have my DVR set for gymnastics! I love it all!