Friday, July 1, 2016

June Feels

I was typing out my usual Five Things Friday post, and I gotta tell you that I wasn't feeling it. June is over. We are halfway done with 2016. When did this happen?

Normally by this time in the year I have between 500-600 miles logged and retired a bunch of shoes. Not this year. This year has been rough. Super rough. I only have 370 miles run this year. I haven't had a 100 mile month yet. Plus I have only retired two pairs of shoes (one because they were suddenly too small and the other because I wore out the sides). 

Being injured the beginning of the year sucked. Really sucked. I would like to think I handled it gracefully, but let's not kid ourselves. I was a hot mess. I didn't want to train. I was afraid of not getting better and maybe not being able to run for an extended period of time. 

It was a big deal for me to start training again. To be honest, I didn't want to. Like at all. Luckily I work with some really awesome people at the running store who helped remind me who I am and what I can do. I also have a great coach who can decipher my verbal diarrhea and straighten me out. 

June was a big deal. Training started. I was scared at the "goal" I gave myself for Philly. I didn't think I could get back in that kind of shape yet. It's not like I want to PR, I just want to have a confident HEALTHY race. 

While I didn't hit the mileage I should have, thank you vacation, I am still healthy which I think is the biggest deal in all of this. 

June mileage: 68.2 miles

Except for some minor IT Band issues from a pair of dead shoes, my foot has felt fine. I've been taking my cross training much more serious and I think only running four days a week has done wonders for me. My body was telling me something by continuing to get hurt. I listened and can see the results. 

Do I feel any more confident, a little. An accidental 5k PR surely helped, but as a whole - I still have no idea how I ran a 1:42 half marathon last year. Zero. My "goal" (still using that word loosely) isn't even close to that, and I want it that way. I'm not ready to dedicate myself to something like that right now. 

I'm getting there. It has only taken six months to get to this point. I'm excited to see what the second half of 2016 brings my way. 

How has 2016 treated you? What big goals do you have to accomplish the rest of the year? 


  1. My big goal is the 2-hour half in the Fall! While training hasn't officially started yet, I'm already working on my running consistency and cross-training/strength work. Man, I feel ya though on wondering how the hell I ran things in the past - especially considering how terrible my half was at the beginning of June. Here's to 2016, Part Two!

    1. Cheers friend. I know it's early in training but it seems like a distant memory. We got this!