Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Road Trip and Expo

Last year I told Kelsey that if I got picked for Rock 'n' Blog I would run Chicago. She had done the race a few times and was in. Both of our husbands could go, my friend Gloria also wanted to go and Allison wanted to do a race on her birthday weekend. Friday morning our crew left Pittsburgh on a great Midwestern road trip to Chicago. Kelsey and Charles agreed to drive their bigger car while Joe, Gloria and I sat back and enjoyed. Allison was coming from Arizona so would meet us in Chicago.

L to R: Joe, Kelsey, Me, Gloria and Charles

This five state road trip (PA, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois) was filled with sing-a-longs, great conversations and a lot of laughs. 

We made it to the expo around 3pm and quickly made our way to bib pick up. 

I forgot to submit a time for the 5k (my bad) so I had to get my corral changed. Luckily everything was super simple and we were on our way!

Yay bibs!

Next we grabbed our shirts, which were really cool! I'll show you each of them in my race recaps. 

Then it was time to expo! This expo was HUGE! One of the bigger ones I have been to in some time. I needed to pick up a new Sparkly Soul headband and pair of PRO Compression socks so we made our way their first. I also needed to go to the Rock 'n' Roll information booth and pick up my actual tour pass! While at the booth, I got to meet Ashley! She works for RnR and answers any questions us Rock 'n' Bloggers might have! 

Yes, she's adorable!

I also got to take part in a video of RnR.  Take a look!

We also met up with David at the expo too! We were going to co-host the We Run Social meet up together on Saturday so it was nice to meet before hand!

We left the expo and finally checked in to our hotel. We stayed at the River Hotel right across the street from Trump. Perfect location and a beautiful room. 

We then explored the city a little bit and decided to eat dinner at Portillo's. We had never heard of it but man were we excited we stumbled on it! 

Last thing of the evening was walking around the Miracle Mile in the way back to the hotel. We got back to the hotel not too late, half of our group had a 5k in the morning! 

Have you ever been to Chicago? Where was your favorite place to eat? 


  1. I ran my first half marathon in Chicago last September :) It was gorgeous! We had deep dish pizza after our race & it was heavenlyyyy. looking forward to your recaps!

    1. All the pizza!!! I really like Chicago!